A new stained glass pic for Tues this is what I am donating

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    I am back!! This is a pic of the second mosaic I did. It was inspired by my nieghbors huge Red Maple tree.

    The blue glass is from a local church that was over 100 years old. I got it from the stained glass store that replaced the old ones with new ones.

    The colors in the tree are a mixture of stained glass and clear textured glass I painted with my glass paint to get the colors I wanted. It is glued to a mirror which I left partially exposed.

    I am donating this piece to the Damon and Stella Foundation for Mental Health. Hope you like it-Carla
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    It's beautiful, as always.



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    I so MISS seeing fall colors. It makes my heart hurt in a good way to see your tree. The texture is outstanding. A tree is my own personal "symbol". I love seeing how they are represented in so many ways in all different art forms.

    I noticed in your profile that you said you are from Virginia. My great-grandmother was from the Ball family. I have tried to do some online research into the Ball family, and it is too huge for me.

    We all like to think that we are related to the original "Ball" in Virginia, which is George Washington's mother, Mary. The Ball name would have been carried down by one of her many brothers.

    I haven't been able to make any connections, but YOU might very well be closer to them, being from Virginia.

    The Ball family were almost like royalty, and my grandparents were dirt poor and undereducated, so I said to my mom, "If one of our ancestors had come from the Mary Ball family, then he sure did make a socio-economic misstep along the way!"

    Anyway back to art and charities, etc.-- I have a friend who runs a non-profit for children called "Art With Heart" based out of Seattle. If you can check it out online.

    I thought of this because they have a journal for teens (or anyone) called "Chill and Spill". It was used all over the south to help kids who were devestated by Katrina.

    It is now being used in parts of Africa and Mexico, I believe. The charity started mainly for providing an activity book for hospitalized children.

    Artists in the graphic design world donated pages for this book-- people like Mary Grand Pre, who did the illustrations for the Harry Potter books, and also the guy who is famous for the "I Heart New York", and the "LO-VE" logos.

    Then my friend partnered with a psychologist who does primarily art therapy for troubled youth and children, and wrote she wrote the text for the journal.

    I think that journaling can be a fantastic outlet for youth (or anyone) who is struggling with depression as an illness.

    It can be useful for situational depression-- from being hospitalized, to to losing one's family in a hurricane, to being homeless ont the street with only a backpack.

    It's such a simple idea, but the kids seem to love it.

    It's not just a blank journal, but guides the person with what to write about, draw about, make a collage about, etc.-- it helps to inspire creativity when it comes to self-expression.

    The materials that Art With Heart creates are for organizations who want to help out in some way, but don't have the tangibles or materials to do it with.

    In case this seems like a match for the Damon and Stella foundation, just let me know.

    Sorry for the long post, but I share your passion for both art and helping people overcome illnesses.

    I will be telling my friend about the great work that the Damon and Stella foundation are doing. Also, I will tell her about your lovely stained-glass work, because they do a yearly art auction as well, and that might be a way for you to get your name circulating on the West coast. (The people who attend their events aren't celebrities, so to speak, but are the rich business types-- like people from Microsoft, the Gates foundation, Starbucks, etc.)

    All of you artists and hard-working non-profit people need so much encouragement that you all are making a difference.

    I love to do art as well-- but my kids get my energy for this season of my life. My mom sister are both artists as well, with fine arts degrees. I chose something else! Mys sister does carved tile "sculptures". I'll also tell her about D&S, in case she wants to make a donation, some time.

    Again, sorry for the long post, but I had so much I connected with you about... :)

    Art can heal!
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    Nancy and Lisette

    Lisette, I just have a minute I have been on the phone for awhile and have dial up and need to make some more calls.

    I am very interested in what you talk about and will look into more in a few days. It is crunch time for me collecting and cataloging art.

    I am from from VA. I was born and raised in KY and moved to Richmond in 1987 and moved back here in 2001 to take care of my mom.

    I married a Ball with WV decent, dirt poor too. We have been divorced for 15 years but I hate my maiden name so kept his.

    Thank you for all the info and I agree with you with art and helping others. That is why I am doing what I am doing.

    You can figure out how to get in touch with me if you want to, it isn't that hard if you look in my bio again. Carla

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    Your work is terrific as usual. A Tiffany tree. Will give the viewer a lot of Comfort.

    I am amazed at your energy.

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    Just beautiful, thank you so much for showing your wonderful work, you truly are an artist your last one was just as beautiful...one of these days I may have to purchase one from you.

    Love to all, Ann