A new Symptom for me

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hannahfaid, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    Ive had FM awhile now... the past few days ive had this sharp, burning pain in the bend of my arms.
    like the inside of my elbow... where the creases are and it is SHARP and lasts only long enough to get my attenion..but it hurts... is this an FM symptom?? or something else??

    lately I have been having all kinds of goofy things going on and nothing is showing up in my blood..

    body temp is way below normal.. headaches.. dizziness..

    now these great little burning sharp shooting pains!

    and they say it doesnt progress LOL

    thanks in advance and hope you are all having pain free days
  2. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    yes, thyroid meds were increased before and it was too much and we had lowered it back and

    Im feeling better.. BUT before and after Ive still had these cold temps.. they said no anemia..

    rheumy said no sjogrens.. I have no idea whats happening.. just fibro playing tricks on me I

    guess.. Fibromyalgia is different for everyone it seems, I see a lot of people have fevers, but I

    am always cold!

    as for the pain.. when I did rub it , it hurt terribly.. My first experience with "hurt to be

    touched" I felt it on my leg also, but these pains are so fast, that I couldnt pinpoint the leg

    pain. the pains in my arms are more frequent..

    today, Im not feeling it yet, so it must be a nerve thing, saw chiropractor yesterday..

    I just know I am really DOWN.. Im depressed, Im exhausted, my muscle spasms are in full force

    kinda getting worn out picking myself up and trying to pull myself together...My girlfriends are

    suppose to come by on friday so maybe I will feel better and that will give me the energy to

    perk up again..

    how are you doing jam??

  3. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    I do have pretty low BP.. so I probably need more iodine.. I use sea salt , does that matter??

    my memory is so bad.. by the time I get all my prescription meds in me I forget my


    sorry to hear your back isnt doing well.. those hip replacements seem to cause problems for people...

    my diet sucks because Im so tired, I try to eat healthy...but sometimes I grab whats

    convenient...eat a lot of fruit...lately not eating much at all ...too tired
  4. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    jam... thank you for the suggestion... the naturopaths are so expensive.. everytime I see

    them they want 300.-700.00 not to mention all the bloodwork again.. I can barely afford the

    drs and meds Im on now and the benefit insurance I have at least helps... the naturopaths

    usually dont take any insurance.. Been down that road a few times... didnt seem to make me

    any better. Ill try to start remembering my supps.. all this extreme exhaustion and new

    symptoms are recent nothing has changed in my meds ... all this just started happening a few

    months ago.. just cant seem to catch up.. I go very stressed out and havent been able to

    get right since

  5. scotlandrose

    scotlandrose Member

    I hate it when some weird new symptom decided to show up out of the blue. I can relate!

    I get Botox therapy in 1 spot on my left shoulder. The pain was terrible, it never went away ever. Meds could not touch it. I named it Freddy Krueger, cause it felt like that horror icon had his glove in there. Dr. suggested botox, basically, if Freddy cant crunch up like that, he can't hurt you. It worked! Now Freddy is so weak, I do not have to go every 3 months to "nuke" him. I am up to a year between treatments. The neurologist is see that does the treatment has worked on FM for years. I love him.

    They also use Botox for rehab in stroke patients. They loosen a few muscles in a crunched up arm, patient can do therapy with less pain and heal faster. A fellow music therapist took her Dad to my Doc after his stroke and had that treatment. Only needed one and he's doing pretty well now.

    I also saw it used at EasterSeals where I used to work. The docs would use it on many children who had cramped, contorted muscles and both I and the physical and occupational therapists noticed they made marked improvement whit Botox.

    Some docs I see Hate that I am putting a strong toxin in me. Some agree with the therapy. Perhaps it would calm the area from cramps and pain long enough for the elbows to heal and go away.

    The shots don't hurt at all,. I just feel lots of tapping or thumping. Just kinda weird. Something to look into, if you wanted.

    Good luck. I hate my pain and fatigue, but I almost hate hearing of other's pain. That is worse to me. Botox is not right for everyone and I would not get it from anyone who had not been trained for it's use in FM. My pain also responds well to heat.

    I hope you find your magic bullet. Then again, FM and CFS are so weird, it could be gone tomorrow and never return.


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