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    "Great Peace have they that Love the Lord , and nothing shall offend them . " Psalm 110:165
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    If only people who's eyes are blinded could have a breakthrough and know that this is the truth of what will happen if they don't seek the Lord. As real as the Lord is , the Evil one is real , and we must shout like John in the wilderness.

    Are we willing to witness about the Lord unto death like our brothers and sisiters who have done so throught the ages ? And like our brothers and sisters in other countries are doing as I write this?

    I pray that I can if the time comes , or I should say when the time comes.

    I do pray , Lord , that those who do not know You are convicted in thier hearts and minds that You are real and that You are the Only One who can truly change thier lives.

    I see people talking about other ways and other religions , but in those people I also see a spirit that lacks true peace. I also see a great measure of confrontation that has nothing to do with the peoples' beliefs , but more to do with rocking the boat.

    Oh , I just remebered , speaking of rocking the boat ! Jesus is the One who calmed the storm so that the boat wasn't rocking anymore ! ! !

    Hey Tiggy , God is getting those men all spruced up just for us and I want Him to take all the time He needs to get them just right : )

    Love ,
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    It is my pleasure !