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    Alright I've got a lot to say, so lets get to it. I apologize ahead
    of time for my lack of careful spelling.

    First, I'm self-diagnosed. I've been to the doctor and explain several problems I've had (after, again, I self diagnosed myself) relating to Chronic Candidas. The doctors in my small town are very by-the-book. He said
    I was fine and prescribed me anti-depressents to combat my fatigue and brain-fog, restlessness, aching and tired body, thrust, etc. Reluctantly I got on the meds and it helped
    me with a few problems, partialy because (in my opinion) it
    releived some stress, which is the basis for FM.

    FM, from what I've read, is a vague and problem that
    encompasses many problems. I beleive that FM is almost
    entirely a stress based problem, but one that is nearly
    impossible to escape after an extending period of time because of down-ward spiral effect, it is self defeating.

    My current/past list of symptoms include;

    - Bruxism (started at very early age)
    - Thrush (started early, on and off)
    - Fatigue
    - Muscle Fatigue
    - Shortness of Breath
    - Muscle Cramps (especially in legs)
    - Stomach Cramps (after strenious exercise)
    - Restless Leg Syndrome (boy they have a syndrome for everything now)
    - anxiety, depression
    - Dizziness or light-headed ness (after getting up, although I've actually 'passed-out' while walking and found myself helpless falling to the ground)
    - Insomnia/Hypersomnia (very irregural sleep schedule)
    - Waking with Stiff Joints and very grumpy, never refreshed
    - Headaches (Although infrequent and very managable)
    - Numb feet or hands (like extremedies are 'falling asleep)
    - Joint-pain
    - Irritability
    - Various and Persistant Skin-Problems

    Anyways, the list could go on, but I'd rather get to the point of this post.
    My rehabilitation.

    Right now my diet includes anything I can get my hands on. I was thinking
    (and actually tried for a while with moderate results) of low-carb diet
    and very low-sugar diet at one time, but gave up on it because it's not
    what I want for the rest of my life. Call me stubborn.

    A low-carb low-sugar diet makes sense to me because, carbohydrates turn to
    sugar, and sugar is a stimulant. Stimulants are stress inducing. Caffeine
    as well. Stress, as I pointed out, is the basis of this problem. Remember,
    though, I've deduced that conclusion from everything I've read. It is solely
    an opinion.

    Anti-depressents make sense because they also reduce stress. If you look up
    stress reducing supplements, you'll find the vitamin B-complex. Marijuana,
    several herbs, even alcohol (although heavy on yeast) also reduce stress.

    I'm taking Guaifenesin now and it appears to be working. My usually dry
    mouth now seems to be consistenly wet and I'm spitting a lot. I'm not
    sure the connection though. I have my theories, having to do with
    yeast and mucas build up after a time of prolonged stress, and guai helps
    to break that up and force the body to excrete it. This is also why
    candidas and FM often go hand in hand. (You'll notice that symptoms between
    the two are nearly identical).

    I also beleive that marijuana would help a lot. It is a bronchial dialator, and a tremendious stress reducer. After my personal experiences with it,
    I would say that if I made marijuana and daily part of my life, I could
    recover fully from many if not all of the symptoms relating to FM. Except
    maybe the brain-fog, haha! However, it's not what I want for my life, and
    I'm sure many of you feel the same way. I've also chosen to give up this
    because the effects of guai are somehow inhibited by herbs.

    I'm currently using Omega-3 fish oil to treat my anxiety and depression.
    It helps maintain a healthy Circulatory system as well as help with stress
    management. I reccommend picking up the book Omega-Zone RX written by
    Barry Sears (author of the The Zone). It is in my opinion that taking
    this kind of supplements offers no side affects and can only be extremely
    helpful, whether you have FM or not.

    Exercise, strong stomach and back muscles can also increase your tolerance
    of stress.

    Emotional well-being. I personally believe my problems started at a
    very young age. Problems belonging to a broken home and my inability to
    manage my feelings. This coupled with certain genetic traits, of course.
    My family was narcissistic.

    So that's it. My personal recipe for recovery: Omega-3 fish oil, Guai-Aid
    (at a high dose, probably 800 mg a day, but it varies), a low-carb diet,
    low sugar intake (when I can), plenty of rest, melatonin for the restless

    I've tried to keep in mind that stress is part of life, a stress-free
    person isn't stress-free, they're minds and bodies simply handle it better
    than ours (atleast for right now). The less stress you add to your life,
    the more time you give yourself to recover. A downward spiral that started
    early in life (atleast for me,) doesn't seem easy to recover from, and it
    hasn't been. Finding ways to rebuild my body, and using my mind's psyche
    to cope with external stresses will continue to be my ticket out of this mess.

    Well thats a mouthful, I've always got more to say. I would appreciate any
    and all feedback. Has anyone tried a similar recipe? Has anyone
    fully recovered, and if so how? Do you agree or disagree with any of my


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    I can appreciate your attitude and the good way you try to treat your body. We should all be so lucky as to be able to have such a great attitude. Do you get the downs and depression that hits so bad that it is all you can do to open your eyes to the day?

    The things your are taking are good and many of the people here take the same things or combos of those and others. If you get the opportunity, try ZMA. It would be a great addition to your already healthy regimin.

    Oh and also, if you can, you really should find a doc to dx you. There aren't alot of them in my area that are of any use to people that really have FM/CFIDS. That's why I said if you can.

    Please come back and share often.
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    and welcome to the board.
    I have tried all of the above with no luck.
    Have tried several different herbal remedies, some that helped.
    I have been on a few perscribed medicines as well, pain, anti-d's, relaxants, etc. all with some help.
    I agree that the less stress the better, but sometimes there is no help for the stress some of us face in life.
    I believe what truly helped me get better was my attitude. After I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and became a stronger person, I began to flourish as a whole person again.

    I am not healed by any means, but I am beginning to have a bit of life back and that is a start.
    Good luck to you, and I hope you visit us often. Positive people always have an impact on people with low, or no, self esteem.
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    Hi James, welcome to the board. Glad to hear you have all this under control.

    Just stopped to welcome you, and hope you enjoy the board.

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    I, too, am a newbie and I enjoyed reading your post. At this point, (due to the fact that it's very late and I'm falling asleep at the computer) I would like to address your lightheadedness.

    I strongly suggest you get tested for Neurally Mediated Hypotension. If you haven't read about it, it's a condition where, in layman's terms, your body's blood pressure doesn't respond the way it should when you arise from a sitting or prone position. It is not simply "low blood pressure", that's a whole different ballgame. NMH can cause a MULTITUDE of crazy symptoms, not the least of which is fainting! It can also cause cognitive dysfunction, such as "brain fog". It's a simple test done on a tilt table to which you are safely strapped in case you faint when they rotate the table into an upright position.

    The doctor who administered my test told me the test is only 80% accurate, so the test may not conclude or preclude anyone or anything. With your symptoms, even if the test is negative, I would still pursue it with your doctor.

    Take care and hang in there,

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    Welcome to our family, it`s one big one here and everyones great.
    I read your post with great interest and everything you say makes a lot of sense, bang on.

    I too have many of the symptoms of CFS and recently found this article which gives the difference between an Immune Disfunction order and a Glandular one, - thought you may be interested as you haven`t mentioned any immune problems as such.

    This came from a site advertising a product, but we are not allowed to reveal the sites and thier URLs, so here is a piece I have copied and pasted.


    Immunity is essential to your survival on this planet. Most, if not all, diseases and many medical conditions can be cured and even prevented by an optimally functioning immune system.

    There are signs that your immune system is under serious attack, such as:

    Bacterial Infections
    Chronic Fatigue
    Colds and Flu
    Fungal Infections
    Joint Pain
    Persistent Skin Conditions
    Viral Infections
    Yeast Infections

    Your Glandular System

    Optimal glandular function — especially the pitituary, hypothalamus and thyroid — is necessary for long life. Learn how to turn back the aging clock by stimulating a cascade of youth-promoting hormones.

    Signs of an improperly functioning glandular system include:

    Low Energy
    No Stamina
    Poor Memory
    Vision and Eye Problems
    "Foggy" Mind
    Unrestful Sleep
    Feeling and Looking Old
    Lack of Libido
    General Aches and Pains
    Digestive Disorders

    I am self diagnosed too, been going to the Docs for years because of fatigue and joint problems - but they haven`t a clue. Thank God for this wonderful board...

    I seem to fit the Glandular one, which must explain why I am not suffering as others do on here. So I hope this is of help to you.

    Wishing you better health soon,

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    i agree that reducing stress is importent but i have to say my life just doesn't work that way !!

    i find stress just keeps on cropping up regardless of my personal preferences ! LOL

    Also i have svere CFS so may be that makes the difference,
    Thhe first improvement of any kind at all has come through using Armour thyroid to address my hypothroid condition. and it s taken me 12 years to get to a doctor who would even give me this much.

    I have tried everything you listed apart from the Guai, i don't think we even have that here in U.K.

    I am glad you have been able to help yourself to get better. Like most of us with CFS exercise is just not an option

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    This is a bump, dont mean to be selfish. I guess
    I was looking for more opinionated answers.

    1 more time. :)