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Discussion in 'New Forums Layout' started by ProHealth, May 21, 2015.

  1. ProHealth

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    You my have noticed that we've made some changes to how the forums are displayed. Please rest assured that all of your posts are still on the forums, they just may be in a different location that you're used to.

    We've broken out Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome into their own forums. All of the threads and posts that were in the previously combined Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sections have been transfered over to the new "Fibromyalgia Forums" sections.

    We have also added new "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME Forums" and "Lyme Disease Forums" sections.

    Sections that are not disease-specific (such as Chit Chat) will remain available through the main ProHealth forums page.

    We hope that these changes will make it easier for readers to find information and support about a specific disease.

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  2. Holly-Admin

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    Thanks for your feedback Caroline. The General Health section was still in the Fibromyalgia category, so we've moved it into the main forum area. Your posts will still be there.
  3. Mikie

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    Thanks, Holly,

    I like the new layout and think when we all get used to it, it will work better for us.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Soul*

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    Thank you so much for doing so, it will make it easier to find specific information and help for both specific illnesses.

    Many people aren't aware that things often work so differently for people with ME/CFS and that it needs specific advise and that what works for us could counteract for others and the other way around so I'm very happy this division has been made so it becomes easier to find appropriate advise.

    Research has found that for people with ME/CFS certain levels that are normally high in the body system of others with similar symptoms (mental or physical) can surprisingly enough be in the low in people with ME/CFS, and the other way around. In general people with depression for example have an extra high cortisol but in people with ME/CFS the cortisol is extra low.

    So specific medicine and supplements that might work in general, might have the opposite effect for people with ME/CFS, and the other way around.

    I'm glad it will become easier now.

    Question: When we find specific threads of us are still on the wrong forum do we report them to you with a request to move them over to the right one or how do we go about?
    That way everyone can help to sort out the wealth of information already on here.
  5. Holly-Admin

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    Thank Soul. I've created a post in the Forum Feedback, Questions & Suggestions section titled "Requests to Move Posts". There you can notify us of posts that need to be moved.
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  6. IanH

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    Further to the above:
    This is a more general post about everyone still posting all messages into the FM section. There is little activity in the ME/CFS section. Seems odd or is it that most people on here have FM?
  7. happycfs

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    Thank you for all the work that you do. I imagine that you changed this forum again because you were trying to help accommodate people in some way. I have already had a lot of confusion and disappointment in this newest forum change. It made a lot of sense to me to put ME/CFS with Fibromyalgia, as most longterm patients have symptoms on both sides. I have had trouble navigating this newest change. There are many more steps now getting into the forums, and I previously found it so much easier to just go into the one main forum and search posts that way.

    I have been coming here for many years and I have sent cooooountless people here, encouraging people and supporting participation, along with asking the best questions that I could. I always hoped that my questions would help others alongside myself. I must honestly say, the newest change feels discouraging and unnecessary. I imagine that active participation will continue to decline in fact. I will have to take a break from this (these) forum(s).

    I do wish you luck, and appreciate your help throughout the years. Very disappointed, I have to take a step back from all of this.

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  8. patcfs

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    Why would you do this???? I can't believe the forum is emptied out. You gave up on ME/CFS and Lyme Diseases. You made it only about Fibromyalgia, the disease which already has the most support! Why would you do this???
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  9. TigerLilea

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    From what I understand the old CFS/ME messages are under FM. Doesn't make sense to me why they wouldn't transfer them to the new forum. For anyone new to this group it appears as if CFS/ME isn't discussed. :(
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  10. donaldselby

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    thanks really usefull
  11. inprog

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    I think it will be really impossible to expect CFS/ME people to "earmark" all of the old CFS?ME posts one by one and move them over. They have CFS, after all which is not well understood by others who might think it even possible. As someone said already here and well stated, we think differently and respond differently. I think it is a good thing to have a separate forum and, yes, there are few "CFS/ME" people on these forums and many more FM people. If it was not for the forum owner, we might not have a category at all. He has CFS, I understand. That is my speculation, if I may. It will take some well-meaning CFS/ME person not in a flare to build our forum to a meaningful expression of our concerns. May we look to a bright future of that happening.
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