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    Hi Lucky,

    See my responses to you under PatPalmer's Olive Leaf post...
    and what part of Canada are you from? Would like to hear about it..

    Have you taken any antiviral that has helped you?
    I had been interested in the Immunovir, but haven't heard anyone really think that it has helped, much..Thinking about trying Famvir, though, since some have indicated that might really help...

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    Thank you for your reply. I have read PatPalmer's message this morning which was interesting to read re OLE. Well, as mentioned, I am not a great believer in supplements, but if this one helps, I shall be more than delighted.
    I have tried Famvir last year. I felt better the first couple of weeks and after, the effect was gone. Also, I have looked into Immunovir and have decided quite some time ago, when I first read about it, not to take it. The research which was done only involved about 16 or 17 CFS patients and as far as I remember, not even half of them felt any change. As you, I have been ill for at least 20 yrs., diagnosed abt. 15 yrs. ago. And am looking for answers like most of us to lead a better life. I am lucky that I am responding to some meds and have some quality of life, but not enough to make a big jump into the air.
    Again, Amelia, thank you very much and I am sure we will be in touch because I'll let you know, how my OLE treatment is working. Sincerely, Lucky

    I live not far from Toronto, a 20 min. drive from downtown.
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