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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Plantscaper, Jun 12, 2003.

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    Haven't heard from you in a while and wondering if all is well..are you progressing along well?..Is Dawn progressing, too?

    I have been having computer problems with getting access to the net..so if I don't answer you, please note that fact..They say I am going to have to reinstall my ISP, when I get the C.D. next week..Have been lucky, tonight, to get access..

    I wanted to get your e-mail addy, so we don't lose contact..I believe you have helped me change things with the OLE, more than anything, and will be forever grateful for that...


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    Thank you Amelia, there`s really no need to thank me. I am just so pleased the Olive Leaf has helped you. You`ve had this DD long enough and must be heartily sick and fed up with it by now. I believe you will get even better - just gonna take a while...
    I just came on to post to you this morning to see how you are doing, you beat me to it.

    Computer problems!!! Bit like us - just need reprogramming.
    That`s what the Cytolog does *softwear for the cells*

    Have you thought any more about trying it?

    What supplements & Meds are you on altogether?

    Dawn is doing great. Still on the Cytolog and is itching to to be out and about more now. She seems to be sleeping well, and has a clear head. Just had her Psychology exam this week and coped brilliently. Sign Language exam next month.
    These have been hard work with so much to remember, and to think how fatigued & foggy headed she was before OLE last October - is just incredible at the difference in her.

    Cytolog is all she is taking right now - no other supplements.

    As for me, thought i`d try coming off the Cytolog 5 days ago in an experiment to see if it`s that or the dietry change which boosted my energy levels...

    As you know I started on the Flaxseed Oil, Digestive Enzymes, Herbal Teas, Garlic & Onions at roughly the same time, so couldn`t be sure which was working...

    Well I seem to have slipped back a little, because i`m having to sleep again in the afternoons, not feeling that *lift* anymore. So will give it another couple of days then go back on Cytolog again and see what happens.

    I will give you my E Mail addy when your PC is up and running properly again. James has left a warning about leaving it open for hackers to use, so will post it when we are both on line so I can delete it again right away.
    I don`t want to lose touch either...

    Hope you have been having a good week, don`t forget to post me all your Meds/Supplements - and illnesses & major symptoms too. I`ve learned so much in the last two months, -just may have something else that could help you.

    Love Pat.