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    I spoke with my cousin last night, who is also a nurse, who also has FMS/CFS. She gave me a couple pointers that I thought I could pass along to you.
    1. Wear those heat therapy patches around lower back while you are actively trying to do things (cleaning, working, etc.)
    2. You can put an electric blanket underneath your bottom sheet to keep the warmth all over your body while sleeping.
    3. Most Fibro patients have low blood pressure problems. She eleviates this sometimes by taking Primatene Mist!!
    4. She highly recommends Stretching, Stretching, & more Stretching!!! When you are dormant, your muscles tend to get much tighter and will cause more pain.
    5. Acupressure and Massage Therapy work great, but DO NOT let them rub your tender points. It could send you through the roof!!
    6. Some vitamins supplements that she takes are valerian, kava kava, st. john's wort, and ginseng.

    Well, I don't know if that will help any of you or not! I just thought I would pass that along!!

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    Hi Kathryn

    Thanks for sharing this! This is really GREAT advice for all. I hope you don't mind if I add a couple of things to the list:

    7. Incorporate some form of meditation into your daily activities. Visualisation techniques, body mapping (for want of a better term - =conciously relaxing each area of your body, starting at the top of the head and pushing the resultant negative energy accumulation out through your feet), and other forms, soothe over-tensed muscles and relieves stress.

    8. warm baths in epsom/sea salts alleviate much muscle and joint pain.

    9. Eliminate/reduce sugar, white flour, and caffiene intake as much as possible.

    10. SMILE! even when you feel TERRIBLE! The more you allow your mouth to smile, the sooner your 'head space' can join in. Smiling, in and of itself, is a theraputic activity. As long as our faces mirror the pain and anguish we feel, our bodies 'believe' that is all we are capable of. Once smiling becomes a set pattern, our bodies begin to 'smile', too. I know it sounds wierd, and I don't have specific references to back my statements. BUT, I KNOW it works! I've been using the technique for years, now, and it's pretty hard to find me in a mood that ISN'T smiling, no matter HOW bad my physical self is feeling. Check my profile, the goofy grin you see there, you'll find on my face pretty much 24/7.

    Hope these help, too
    Let Miracles Replace ALL Grievances
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    Thanks for all the great advice. I have had my electric blanket under my sheets for years now. I don't have the money to go out and by the new heated mattress pads and this is a great alternative for us pofolks.
    I just wanted to add that he patches that are used on the lower back are great but kinda expensive. I have tried the headache ones and they are awesome they have a cooling sensation. I have chronic headaches and when they get really bad I go out and buy one and it helps. Another thing that I use that feels great is a Dr. Shouls (sp) foot tub and massager. Put hot water in it and turn on the viberation and it feels awesome, my ankles and feet swell all the time and it helps. Again thanks for the tips!!

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    Another alternative to the expensive new heat patches: Asian markets carry a product called the "chilli plaster". (I haven't been to an Asian market, yet, that doesn't carry them here in Calif. so I'm guessing that they're probably available everywhere.)

    Anyway, they come 6 to a box, the most I've paid was $3.50/box, but I've found them as cheap as $1.

    Good luck,