a/o here heard of suncoat cosmetics /know about chem'l ingred'ts?

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    Information and a favour???? :)

    I have written before to whinge and bemoan my fruitless search for a mascara which I can tolerate without feeling ill (I am in a catch-22 in that mascara makes me feel ill and causes all sorts of problems for me, but when I go without it my eyes itch and burn to distraction, something they never do with it on...yes, bummer!!)

    Anyhow, I came across a line of products on the net (can't give URL as you know but a/o interested can search 'suncoat products) and the website address will come up). I hope this much is allowed! :)

    This line has many interesting cosmetic products, many of which are also certified organic. The line is focussed on natural ingredients and minimal chemical ingredient inclusion. The founder, Lui Yingchun, set out to make a water-based nail polish that would be safe for her seven year old little girl to use after her little girl asked - Lui was outraged by the long list of chemical ingredients that her little girl would be exposed to if she went ahead and bought the conventional stuff.

    I want to ask a question about the mascara but before I do if a/o's interested...this line includes a water-based polish in about 32 shades and there is also a nail polish remover in the line. The polish is toluene-free, formaldehyde-free, phthalate-free, alcohol-free, acetone/acetate-free and has no FD and C dyes. I thought some of you who can no longer tolerate the usual nail stuff might be glad to hear of this line.

    There is also a blush, eyeshadows, lip shimmers and mascara.

    I wondered if a/o who knew about ingredients (maybe s/o who has chemical sensitivities) would look over the mascara ingredients for me as I am desperate to find one that will not bother me...

    It starts on the site by saying that the mascara is fragrance-free, paraben-free and non-waterproof to be gentle to the eyes, but claims to offer great wearability and remove easily.

    The ingredients are: Water; sugar-based biopolymers; kaolin clay; cera alba (beeswax); carnauba wax; lecithin; phenoxyethanol and iron oxides. That's 8 ingredients. The only ingredients that possibly looks suspect to me is the phenoxyethanol.

    Would any one with more knowledge than me when it comes to these things please look this over?

    And if a/o has any mascara recs (a/o with MCS)I'd appreciate that too??

    Thanks so much,

    Love Shelbo
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  3. BethM

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    all I can think of is that the phenoxyethanol would be an alcohol, probably as a carrier for the other ingredients. I don't know what to say as to whether you'd react to it or not. Neither of my resource books mentions this chemical, for good or for bad.

    One thing to note is that this product may not stay bacteria free as long as commercial mascara that has heavy duty preservatives in it. I would hope this is sold in small containers for short term use.

    Just as an FYI, QVC is having an hour for BareEssentials (not sure that is spelled right) mineral make up today (Wed.) at 4 to 5 pm pacific time. I am going to watch it, see what they are offering. i might try it if the price is ok.


  4. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    I think we may have crossed paths before...are you a member of Makeupalley by any chance?
    Love Shelbo
  5. sofy

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    Carnuba wax is a petroleum product so that is suspect but the one below wouldnt go on my eyes. I gave up mascare and most all other cosmetic vanities for better health management. Good luck, sofy

    Safety (MSDS) data for 2-phenoxyethanol
    Hazard: harmful

    Synonyms: arosol, dowanol EP, dowanol EPH, emery 6705, ethylene glycol phenyl ether, ethylene glycol monophenyl ether, phenoxetol, phenoxyethanol, rose ether, phenoxyethyl alcohol, 1-hydroxy-2-phenoxyethane, phenylmonoglycol ether, 2-phenoxyethanol, glycol monophenyl ether, beta-hydroxyethyl phenyl ether, various trade names
    Uses: Used as a fixative for perfumes, a bactericide (in conjunction with quaternary ammonium compounds), an insect repellent, a topical antiseptic, a solvent for cellulose acetate, dyes, inks and resins, in organic synthesis of plasticizers, in germicides, in pharmaceuticals, in cosmetics and in preservatives.
    Molecular formula: C8H10O2
    CAS No:122-99-6
    EC No: 204-589-7

    Physical data

    Appearance: colourless oily liquid
    Melting point: 11 - 13 C
    Boiling point: 247 C
    Vapour density: 4.8 (air = 1)
    Vapour pressure:
    Density (g cm-3): 1.102
    Flash point: 113 C (closed cup)
    Explosion limits:
    Autoignition temperature:
    Water solubility: moderate


    Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.


    Harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. May cause reproductive defects. Severe eye and skin irritant.

    Toxicity data
    (The meaning of any abbreviations which appear in this section is given here.)
    ORL-RAT LD50 1260 mg kg-1
    SKN-RAT LD50 14422 mg kg-1
    IPR-RAT LD50 554 mg kg-1
    ORL-MUS LD50 933 mg kg-1

    Irritation data
    (The meaning of any abbreviations which appear in this section is given here.)
    SKN-RBT 500 mg/24h mld
    EYE-RBT 6 mg mod
    EYE-RBT 0.25 mg/24h sev

    Risk phrases
    (The meaning of any risk phrases which appear in this section is given here.)
    R20 R21 R22 R36.

    Transport information

    Non-hazardous for air, sea and road freight.

    Personal protection

    Safety glasses, adequate ventilation.

    Safety phrases
    (The meaning of any safety phrases which appear in this section is given here.)
    S2 S26.

    [Return to Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Lab. Safety home page.]

    This information was last updated on September 3, 2003. We have tried to make it as accurate and useful as possible, but can take no responsibility for its use, misuse, or accuracy. We have not verified this information, and cannot guarantee that it is up-to-date.
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    no, but you and I have chatted here before about make up and the bad chemicals in personal care products. You referred me to makeupalley at one point.

    Chemicals in my daily life are a particular pet peeve of mine. I am not severely chemically sensitive (yet!) and don't want to go there. So, I try to limit my contact as much as i can. I know the tendency is there, though. I've been known to walk out of stores and offices if I smell the offgassing from carpets, paint, etc. I don't care if it's rude, it's self preservation!


  7. BethM

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    sofy's information is downright scary! I have to wonder why this chemical was chosen to be used in a product that is supposed to be chemical free and non toxic?

    maybe you should keep looking, Shelbo?

    sometimes I wonder if we are too picky, though? nah, then again, probably not. The rest of society is too easy!

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    It was kind of you to go to the trouble...I have ordered though so I'll at least try it the once. I thought carnauba wax was a plant wax?

    Hi Beth, It does say on the site that the products go as far as possible to exclude chemicals but that sometimes one or two are necessary. The thing that irritates me is that there is no customer service link on the website to ask about their take on the ingredient.

    I'll let you know how I go on when it arrives which is in about two weeks since it is shipping from a healthstore called The Big carrot in Canada - I hope it works but I don't build my hopes up now since I seem to react to everything!

    Thanks for your help...


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  9. shelbo

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    Ying (the founder) says that phenoxyethanol is a chemical preservative and there is 0.5% in the mascara...a/o know what that is as a fraction?
    And that the carnauba wax is not petroleum-derived but comes from the Brazilian palm tree...

    I'll let you know how I go on...and thanks again!


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