A pain's eviction ( vent writing)

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    A pain's eviction

    I am not your charge, no more.
    Take your lover’s touch, your constant love,
    take it pain and go away.

    I am not wanting of a master,
    my fear of living has abated
    and I am ready to breath their air.
    You are staling me sickness, go away.

    Its just a life after all,
    just some time devoted to one existence ; mine.
    It is not that much to ask, not that much space upon the universe.
    You stole board upon me, you stowaway.
    You dilute me now,
    you use your pain to sieve my emotions out.

    I tried I did.
    I kissed you with whispers of appeasement,
    I left others to give you all the attention you needed.
    I am dry of caring for you now
    and pray everyday to somehow vomit you out.

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