A Person's Story on How Guaifenesin Helped Her Fibro

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    The following is an interesting fibro personal story on how treating her fibro with Guai has helped her.

    This is just some FYI reading .........

    Source: RemedyFind Newsletter
    Testimony of Member: Lisa Balov

    Fibromyalgia has been the sole cause of rapid destruction in my short life. Yes, at 32 years old, I consider it short, at a time when I ought to have the career I dreamed of, the completed college education I once began, the hobbies I used to love, the sports I used to play, and the recitals I used to dance in. At 32 years old I should have the energy, stamina, and health to have not only accomplished every goal I'd set, but a drive and ability to do so much more.

    This is what people think when they look at me...after all, I don't look sick. Do any of us? Of course not. Nobody who takes pride in themselves purposely walks about the city 'looking' as sick as they possibly can. Like the average person, we brush our hair, put on makeup, and make ourselves presentable to a world that will never hope to understand who we really are inside. We usually don't even show ourselves in public if we're in too much pain to really deal with people. We just hide at home in agonizing levels of pain, and only those who are closest to us have a clue as to how often we really are disabled by our condition. Meanwhile, our friends and acquaintances who see us maybe once a month only see us at our best, or when we're using painkillers to achieve that 'normal' appearance for their sake.

    Like most Fibromyalgics, I display an incredible poker face when it comes to pain. Sometimes even I'm amazed at my ability to socialize with people and appear perfectly normal, while my body is in increasingly high amounts of pain. Even I wouldn't believe me if I told myself I was a chronic pain sufferer!

    Certainly I paid a high price for attempting to appear 'normal', because when I found myself in a state of pain higher than my threshold could bare, suddenly it was shocking to everyone around me that I was ever in pain to begin with. Recently it has occurred to me that I would have far more understanding if I were a wimp and whiner the way people would expect you to be if you were really in high amounts of pain. But this is because they don't understand the dynamics of long term chronic pain, and the way a person has to adapt to it physically and emotionally over their lifetime.

    My symptoms began when I was 11 years old. From 11-14 years of age I developed pain in both feet, shoulder pain, pain in the areas between the neck and shoulders, back pain, TMJ problems and sensitivities to weather changes. At age 19 severe neck pain and headaches began, along with an increase in pain in all other areas. From that point forward I developed new areas of pain with each adding year, so that by the age of 27 I suffered chronic pain in every single area of the body, had chronic migraines, was sick all the time with every virus, and had recurring sinus infections and vasomotor rhinitis.

    By this time I had dropped out of college, and switched jobs several times in an effort to find a job I could handle with all of my pain. I was never able to do this. My chronic pain was a genuine disability - that even I didn't want to accept. At that time I was still loading myself with painkillers and caffeine just to make it through a single work day. While bosses thought I was unreliable and 'strangely inconsistent' in my work, I knew the time was drawing near that I would reach a breaking point.

    There wasn't a doctor I hadn't seen, nor a remedy I hadn't tried - chiropractors, diet, valium, antidepressants, painkillers, allergists, natural herbal remedies, topical creams, vitamins....you name it, and boy was it expensive, and not one of them worked for any substantial amount of time. Talk about a total loss of hope.

    In February 2005 I reached the breaking point. By this time the neck pain had become severe to the point where I saw no end to my misery in sight. After much prayer to our Lord, I found out about Dr. Amand and the Guaifenesin Protocol, and in total desperation I came to see him in March 2005. I was able to do this, thanks to my dear husband Robert, who came into my life and supported my medical endeavors financially. Choosing to give Guaifenesin a chance was the best decision I ever made.

    I believe I was able to give Guaifenesin the chance it deserved, because I was in a position of having no hope at all, and really not much will to go on any further. I felt there was nothing more to lose. But I didn't realize I had everything to gain. Now in January 2006 I can tell you that Guaifenesin works because it targets the true cause of the disease itself. It is a falsehood to think that because we live in such an age of technological wonder, that we have all the answers. We certainly don't, medicine included. There was a time when we didn't have many of the answers we have today. People are still finding answers all the time.

    So it shouldn't be so unbelievable that Dr. Amand, who suffered from Fibromyalgia himself, has found one of those answers we've been so longing for. Don't be closed to the idea, regardless of how many times you've lost hope. Those of us recovering on Guaifenesin, have all been in that dark lonely place with no answers and with no one to understand. There is hope.

    Unfortunately, it's not as easy as 1-2-3. No, as Dr. Amand would say, "You did not get sick overnight, so you will not get well overnight"....Now that's a man I can trust - not making false claims about rapid recoveries or miracle cures, but rather, telling it like it is. You WILL get better on Guaifenesin, and it WILL take time, and it WILL take an effort on your part. But trust me, when you become desperate, as I was, you will do everything it takes. And you will reap the reward.

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    Thanks for posting this jih. It's not an easy protocol to do, as reverse cycling our symptoms isn't easy, & those of us with a long way to go on it need all the encouragement we can get.
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    The Guai has been a God send for me and reversed my FMS symptoms about 90 percent. I did find an inaccuracy in the author's article. The Guai does not treat the "cause" of FMS. No one knows what causes FMS. The Guai, according to Dr. St. Amand, allows the body to excrete phosphate debris which is produced from the body's production of energy. "Normal" people can excrete this debris through their kidneys. According to the doc, people with FMS cannot. The Guai helps the kidneys excrete the debris which would otherwise be stored in the body's soft tissue.

    I've read articles which state that the Guai must work for additional reasons which, to date, remain unknown. I tend to agree that the Guai works but there may be reasons why it works in addition to the reason specified in Dr. St. Amand's theory. In any case, for thousands like me, the Guai has really been a blessing.

    There is very little to lose and everything to gain by trying the Guai Protocol. It must be followed to the letter and this takes commitment and patience. Anyone who wants to start the treatment absolutely must read and understand the book, become sal free (explained in the book), and know how to tweak the dose to achieve the results. The Guai Protocol is not a cure. It reverses the symptoms of FMS, the next best thing to a cure.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Love, Mikie
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    How does one go about finding a doctor in Midwest Wisconsin who will work with that protocol? I've read the book, tried to find a doctor on-line (couldn't manage to sign up for the group), and the nearest ones I find is are near Madison or Milwaukee. Do you know of any in the Eau Claire area?
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    You don't need a doctor, you can do it from following exactly Dr St Amand's book 'What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia'. You need to avoid salicylates (especially asprin & mint) as the book describes, & the on-line Guai group support group has a list of toiletries & dental products that you can use. Their message board will answer any questions; Dr St Amand's nurse often answers them.

    Be careful what brand of Guai you buy; they don't all work. The ones sold here are fine. Your starting dose of Guai, once you are sal free, is 300mg twice a day, building up to the dosage where your symptoms are tolerably worse as the phosphates leave your body.
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    Familiar with the protocol. I read the book and did it all myself. I did buy the book for my doc as he was interested in it.

    Love, Mikie