A poem about patience and a verse

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    "Things have a way of working out"
    My father used to say.
    "Don't force the issue, do your best
    and work and wait and pray."

    How many times those words return
    When life's a tangled thread...
    "Just do your best today, and leave
    To God the days ahead."

    Somewhere a Master Planner works,
    Though how we may not know....
    But in due time things will work out-
    The years have proved it so!

    written by Helen Lowrie Marshall


    "For you have need for patience, that, after you have done the will of God, you might receive the promise." Hebrews 10:36

    In faith,
    C J
  2. BabsFl

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    Thank you for the encouragement!! This came at a very good time!! Again thank you for this post!

  3. stilhere

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    Thanks for the poem, it was nice, Glad to see your post too. :)

  4. fibrorebel

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    Ahhh....patience. I think we all share that desire, we want patience; and we want it right now! LOL

    I always caution people though about praying for patience; the Word says "tribulation works patience" so when we pray for patience we just might come across a bunch of tribulation to mold us into patient folks! :)

    Thanks again, liked the poem very much! love, Rebel
  5. psalmlady

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    This is beautiful CJ and ooooh so true!

    God deals with me about patience - all the time!
    This is for me! .... God bless!
  6. selma

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    Thank-You !

    I've copied this. Love, Peace, & Huggs, Selma