A poem for caregivers

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by tom-r, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. tom-r

    tom-r New Member

    A caregivers job is never done.
    From the rising to rising of
    the bright morning sun.

    We work and we toil
    to keep our house neat.
    Then along comes a family member
    who drops everything at their feet.

    It is a never ending cycle
    that our lives have become.
    And deep inside we wish our
    lives as we know them would be done.

    Just to hear the magic words of
    Please or Thankyou.
    Would help us tremendously when
    it comes to doing what we do.

    Through this experience there
    is one thing that I have learned.
    That a caregiver is the epitome
    of Love in every form or word.

    Tom M.

    Just felt like writing a poem today, hope its ok.
  2. peterle

    peterle New Member

    Love it !! It hits home U.J.G.
  3. brolgablue

    brolgablue New Member

    I hope you like mine.


    A thief came in the night silently stealing away precious things.
    Independence, autonomy, rationale.

    A thief came in the night and took away from me the person you were.
    Took away your strength, your wit, your ability to communicate.
    Left an argumentative child with childlike needs,
    Left a woman mourning her stolen memory.
    A thief came in the night, disturbed your halcyon years,
    Left confusion and turmoil.

    A thief came in the night, stole part of my family,
    And, in taking part of you, also took part of me.

    Julia Mendels
    √£July 2002
  4. tom-r

    tom-r New Member

    Yes it does take part of our lives with it.

  5. louise-22

    louise-22 New Member

    Thanks for the poem. It's so true. i get so stressed out having to pick up things. It seems as though he is marking territory. He has things everywhere that he handles, is left in a clean spot or on the floor, and when I mop and wax he comes in with muddy shoes and says he's in a hurry to find glasses , hearing aids or etc and I have to keep cleaning up with no thanks and with the feeling I 'm left to think it's my duty. These things happen on a hourly rate and I'm not well either. Again thanks.