A Poem from Music in praise

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    A Forgiving God

    My life, my hope, each breath I take,

    is all because of You!

    Lord, when I fall you pick me up,

    and always see me through.

    So many times I’ve fallen weak,

    and God, You were my strength.

    You held my hand and gave me peace,

    forgave my sins at length.

    It mattered not how many times,

    cleansed now from sin, set free.

    Repentance and a contrite heart,

    is what You ask of me.

    I want to give all thanks to You,

    this love You give by grace.

    I am not worthy of You Lord,

    I live to seek Your face.

    To walk in faith and trust in You,

    obeying every word,

    is what I pray to You, oh Lord,

    please show me that You heard.

    Let me become the child of light,

    You sent me out to be,

    help me stand strong and honor You,

    open my eyes to see.

    Lord as I end each day with prayer,

    and humbly give You praise,

    on bended knees I’ll bow and say,

    my love is Yours always!

    By Carol Ann Aguilar

    (Servant of God!)

    August 24, 2006

  2. Mamal

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    Hi Carol,

    What an absolutely beautiful poem! I was on here at this crazy hour for a reason ~ I found that reason when I read your poem. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

    Bless You,
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    I enjoyed reading it, think i'll copy and paste it to document if you don't mind?

  4. kgangel

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    How are you love??

    What a beautiful poem!!

    With such a good message, a message of hope and the knowledge in knowing our God is a forgiving God

    Thank you so much for sharing


  5. lovethesun

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    She said it's O.K. to save it.She wants you to enjoy it.Linda