A poem from musicinpraise(lovethesun's sister)

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    My Transformation

    Precious is Your holy name,
    Jesus Christ, my Lord.
    I will serve You all my days.
    Your love is my reward

    Let me give right back to You,
    the joy You’ve given me.
    by saving me upon that cross,
    You died to set me free

    Now I feel Your Spirit present,
    the change is from within,
    that transforms my behavior,
    and frees me now from sin.

    Temptations I still have,
    and trials are not ceasing,
    yet with Your helping hand Lord,
    my strength is now increasing

    I live each day to follow You,
    to seek your loving face,
    in all your people everywhere,
    and love them all with grace

    Lord, may I bring You honor,
    and always give You praise,
    with thanks and adoration,
    I’ll love You all my days

    By Carol Ann
    July 18, 2006
    (Servant of God )
    All glory and honor to God
  2. betweener

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    Your poem really speaks what's in your heart and I loved it. Thanks for sharing it.
  3. musicinpraise

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    I just want to extend my thanks for the compliment on my poem and I will make an effort to post another soon. I hope and pray that everyone here on this site is blessed today with God's most wondrous love and healing in every area that it is needed. May He work miracles in each of you and give you the peace, joy, happiness and love that He so graciously provides! God bless everyone and let us always give thanks to our Lord for all we have, let us be content with all we have and offer Him all the praise and glory and serve Him in anyway we possibly can through words and through deeds. Thank you again, sincerely from my heart, Carol Ann
  4. jinlee

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    Thanks for sharing it. It needs to be set to music as would be a very inspiring song.
    Anymore poems to share?
  5. MamaR

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    This is so very beautiful. Your sister ceratinly is gifted.

  6. tlayne

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    Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Tam
  7. lovethesun

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    Carol is a member of the worship board now so she will post poems under her own name.Linda