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  1. TAM

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    HI Everyone,

    I couldn't sleep at all last night because of the amount of chronic pain i'm in, i tried to take a nap today but my legs tell me no there to painful. Anyway i started a journal last night i will start writing in it daily so many people says that has helped them so i'll give it a try.

    Anyway i thought i would share the poem i wrote with everyone, its not a good poem it doesn't really rhyme but i'm just so depressed that i thought i'd write whatever came to mind.

    Living a nightmare
    Unable to wake up

    Trapped in this body
    I long to escape

    I have tried to break free
    but the pain has such a strong hold on me

    No matter what i do
    I'm unable to escape

    I have lost all hope
    But i haven't lost my faith

    This is a road i'm meant to travel
    til the end of my days

    I must stay strong
    til the good lord wraps me in his arms

    Until that day i will ask
    God to keep me strong because

    No matter how bad the pain is
    I must carry on until the
    good lord is ready to take me home
    Where i will finally be Pain Free.

    Anyway just wanted to share, tomorrow will be a better day i'm sure. Take Care everyone. Tammy
  2. tlayne

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    My name is Tammie too! I liked your poem! Thank you for sharing. I am putting you on my prayer list, and I am believing that soon you will have a poem to share that is free from Pain! Love, Tam
  3. TAM

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    GOD BLESS YOU TAM thank you so much for your kind words
    they mean so much to me, also Thanks for putting me on your prayer list and you shall be in my prayers too,
    prayers sure do help. Take care, Tammy
  4. TAM

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    Thats a nice song,

    Thanks for sharing i never heard that before.

    Where there is faith, wow thats really pretty.


    Take care, Tammy

  5. MamaR

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    As I read the poem I could feel how you must have been feeling at that time. It helps to write about it or talk about it. We are trapped in the pain....but, we don't have to let it own us....right? We fight back!

    Praying for you friend.....Mari

    P.S. I love scrapbooking too! Before I became so sick I was able to make each of my four sons a book of seven generations on down to them. They were thrilled. It did my heart so much good to see how happy that I made them. After getting the book, my second son put his on the coffee table and showed everyone that would come into his house.
    I feel like I gave them a part of me and our ancestors that they can pass on down.[This Message was Edited on 07/31/2006]
  6. blessedmom2four

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    i can totally relate, thanks for that beutiful poem
  7. TAM

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    Thanks blessedmom2four

    God bless you Sweetie!
  8. TAM

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    Hi MamaR,


    That is wonderful how happy you made your sons, it is very special to get a scrapbook, and especially from your mom they know how much you love and care about them, and you gave them something they will cherish for the rest of there life.

    And you are very right Mari we are trapPed in this pain but we don't have to let it owns us!!

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers Mari.

    Take care, Tammy.