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    Judge me not
    for my choices
    Judge me not
    for my lifestlye

    for I have no knowledge
    of the sin I am in
    I may be an unwed mother
    or I may be a wayward father

    You may see
    me as an abuser
    an alcoholic
    or a user
    but my sin is far greater
    than these

    You may see me
    a murderer
    a dealer
    a stealer

    but my sin is greater
    than these

    May-be I'm a serial killer
    or may-be I lie
    but far greater
    is that I don't
    care about you

    for I don't care about
    God or if I die

    If you desire to help me
    I need to hear the truth
    to know I am a sinner
    to know I need a savior
    I do not need your food stamps
    I do not need AFDC
    I do not need a shelter
    it's Jesus that I need

    You can build a shelter
    to keep me out of the cold
    but I'll always go back
    for my free will
    is greater than all
    that foolish welfare

    If you took away
    the shelter's
    and you took away
    my food

    I'd be forced to clean
    up and get a job like you

    If you shared
    that I'm a sinner
    and someday I'd go to hell

    I'd be forced to look
    at myself

    You go to church on Sunday
    You profess to be saved
    Show me why I should
    change my life
    and live a different way

    You live upon a hilltop
    your lives are untouched
    I dare you come down
    here if you love me all that much

    Friend, I am a lowly sinner
    not much different than you
    It is only money and a job
    that separates the too
    I cannot stand
    and condemn you
    I've never walked
    in your shoes

    but Jesus did and
    suffered and died
    to make a way for you

    God sees us all
    as filthy rags
    those on the streets
    and those in mustangs

    Although I have a job
    and I sleep in a warm bed
    there's food upon my table
    and a comfortable house to live in
    I really do understand

    We are both the same
    take this house from me
    take these clothes I wear
    take away my job
    and I will know despair

    When we stand before God
    naked and we're
    judged for all our sins
    only one thing will separate us
    I let Jesus in.

    Author's Comments:
    "There is but one thing that truly matters for we are all
    sinners, when it is all said and done, do we know Jesus.
    Is He our Savoir. Have we accepted the gift that He so
    lovelingly gave us." 25 stanzas, 91 lines, couplets,
    triplet, quarain, cinquain.

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    Like you our precious Lord placed my lost soul on solid
    ground. I can truly relate to being on welfare, and in
    working the program, before my illness through weet I was
    blessed with a job with the state and worked in the welfare
    program. It was meant to get people through the rough times, for those with disability and the elderly; but for many it became a way of life through many generations. It was not what I was thinking about when writing the poem. We are all
    but filty rags saved by the Grace of God and we will all meet
    one day in Heaven. I love the song by Randy Travis. I wept
    the first time I heard it play. Thank you for responding and
    sharing your thoughts with me. Landy
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    According to Vernon McGhee one of the great commentators
    wrote The "Word" is one of the highest and most profound
    titles of the Lord Jesus Christ. He comes out of eternity
    to meet us. The Word is with God. The Word was God. It
    really explains the trinity showing Jesus was the word
    and the Word was God and that He was with God.

    God the Father, made Himself flesh and dwelt among us.
    But He was full of grace and truth. Can you imagine that
    much love that He would come in the flesh. Died on the cross.
    John is a beautiful book. They all are. Thank you for
    sharing and encouraging me this cold spring morning.

    It's wonderful to be encouraged in the Word. You brought
    to mind very powerful verses. This board, is wonderful a
    real bless me when I meet people like you. Thank you for
    brigthening my day. Now John will stay with me throughout
    the day and I will be encouraged.
  4. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Landy, i love the boldness of your poem.

  5. Landy

    Landy New Member

    Bless you........

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