A Poem of Freedom & Thanksgiving.

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    Tonight, all over the world,
    hands are united in prayer;
    Tired hands,
    young hands,
    thankful hands and
    lonely hands.
    Tonight, all over the world, they care.

    I pray to my Heavenly Father;
    My neighbor prays upon knee to another.
    Ashes upon the forehead
    in remembrance of blood shed.

    Let us all pray to our Maker
    our Teacher, our Savior;
    Let us pray to our Higher Power
    We need thee every hour.

    Let us look to the East
    dream of cleansing the feet;
    A mighty Teacher
    A man of Wisdom.

    One God, indivisible,
    with Liberty and Justice for all?
    One God, of many names,
    a Personal Savior, to one & all.

    As I pray, particularly on PrayerNight here, I thank Heavenly Father for encompassing the needs of so many of God's children. This is one of the few places I have been where a man's (generically speaking) personal God is free to be just that and respected and given the honor it deserves and to which I feel honor bound to defend. Love Lil'
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    Lil, Did you write that? It's really great!
    Thanks for sharing it and thanks for your faithfulness in prayer.