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    When you're heartsick, discouraged and tired.
    And nothing seem's right anywhere:
    When you're all out of tune with the world.
    Does it help you to know that I care?

    When you sympathy need, and your load
    Seems almost to heavy to bear,
    Although I speak never a word.
    Does it help you to know that I care?

    When the world is all sunny and bright,
    And the pleasures of others you share.
    Does it add to your joy just a bit-
    And help you , to know that I care?

    So, Friend, as the years pass us by,
    Be they dark ones, or sunny and fair.
    Rest assured that it helps me to know,
    That it helps you, to know that I care.

    This little book was in a box of stuff I got from an estate auction several years ago. The poems in it was by Jennie M. Tabb. this was published in 1927 The Stratford Company, Boston Massachuetts. I hope everyone enjoy's it.Because I do care.
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    Seems especially apt coming just before the stock market crash and Great Depression.

    Reminds me of the great folk song, "Keep on the Sunny Side."
  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    That is so sweet. Annie crom

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