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  1. mamabear2157

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    I have a poem I wrote when I was first diagnosed that I would like to share. It is a little long, so I won't be offend if there are those who can't read it. Here goes:


    Alas to be the old me!
    Although I know this will never be!

    They say He will not put on your plate
    More than you can handle.
    Because of this I ask you all to light
    For me a candle!

    Though my illness is not one you can hear or see,
    It is so very, very real to me!

    My illness is as invisible as a ghost.
    And yet my body is its host!

    Most of you just do not understand.
    You all keep telling me yes you can!

    The more you all tell me push, push, push;
    The more my body says don't rush, rush, rush!

    To some you think I am lazy;
    But I know that is crazy!

    I would love to be able to work and play.
    However, my body shouts loudly: "NO WAY"!

    You don't understand how awful I feel.
    Believe me I wish all of this wasn't real!

    With this illness all must be done in moderation!
    This even includes taking a vacation!

    For with this illness I wish there were medication;
    "Cuz trying to understand it takes a great deal of

    Living each day with the exhaustion, memory loss and pain;
    Would be easier with understanding, caring and less disdain!

    You ask how are you feeling today?
    I try to be polite, and act happy and gay!

    For the truth of the memory loss, exhaustion and pain;
    Has put me on quite and awful plane!

    This awful illness is not cancer!
    For at least with that there is an answer!

    This awful illness must be a curse,
    'Cuz all the symptoms just get worse and worse!

    This illness makes your body tell you to do
    Everything in moderation.
    However at times that seems impossible in this
    Great nation!

    Most people and doctors are dumbfounded.
    By all the symptoms they are astounded!

    Many say it is all in your head!
    You should just get up and spend less time in bed!

    I used to be able to run out the door at the drop of a hat.
    This illness makes it almost impossible to now do that!

    For those of us with this illness,
    Just look at each other and say: "My goodness"!

    For even with this illness I want to please.
    And yet I know doing so will bring me to my knees!

    I know that you all mean well,
    But this illness definitely has me under its spell!

    The symptoms I described in this poem are only a few.
    There are so many, and you never know what ones will affect

    So to all of you in my life,
    Please try to understand without strife!

    My body must now be my ruler!
    And for me I can think of nothing crueler!

    This awful illness: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia
    Syndrome are its names!
    Constant pain, unrefreshed sleep, memory loss and a host of
    Other symptoms are its game!

    Alas to be the old me!
    Although I know this will never be!

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  2. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    Thanks for sharing the poem. I also wrote something similar about a year after I was diagnosed. I've put it on before; I'll share it with you and some of the newer people now:

    * * * * * *

    Where is the person called “I?”

    There is a stranger in a mirror, and that stranger touches it's shoulder, a familiar touch but yet so unfamiliar, someone looks back in the mirror with a puzzled look that look is familiar yet so unfamiliar.

    The mind makes the body walk with extremities that feel like they have leaded weights attached, forced movement, careful movement. The body has pain, like a flu that doesn’t pass, with all muscles hurting. The pain has its own mind and decides to move to areas that do not make sense. The body is so tired, a sick tired. A battle between the mind and body.

    The mind maintains, during the day it’s important to maintain. The mind keeps the body functioning so work can be finished; and then the mind lets the body leave the place of work and go home. The body wants to lie down and close its eyes and sleep, but the mind makes the body’s eyes stay open, while the mind goes to a misty place, not quite where the body is.

    The body feels so tired; the mind allows the body to put the head down, ah sleep. The sleep hurts, the sleep is not restful. And the sleep that isn’t restful causes the mind to wake up, and then the body to have pain and nausea, and the mind won’t focus. The mind is not quite there, but back in that misty place.

    Where is that person called “I”?

    “I” would be out of bed at the crack of dawn ready to mow the lawn and work in the yard to get a really good sweat! Ah, there’s a memory of how the body and mind felt when sweat came!

    “I” would look in the mirror and take a shower touching firmly and cleaning firmly every inch of the body until it squeaked, and then be dressed and eagerly waiting for what might come that day with a smile, and feeling warm and “golden” all over.

    “I” would be cleaning the house all in one day, all the corners, and even preparing for meals, doing the laundry, shopping for groceries, running errands . . .

    The person that was called “I” is missed and grieved for.
  3. mamabear2157

    mamabear2157 New Member

    I am glad you enjoyed my poem, and I really enjoyed reading yours. You said it all. Thanks for sharing.

    Mary Ellen
  4. mamabear2157

    mamabear2157 New Member

    Fight thank you for your comments. To be honest, I haven't had it copy writed, as I wouldn't even know where to begin. I guess I will have to look into it. I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

    Mary Ellen
  5. mamabear2157

    mamabear2157 New Member

    Trying to bump so others can enjoy.
  6. JLH

    JLH New Member


    Do I have your permission to copy it and send it in to some folks in Oregon who publish a fibro/lupus newsletter for them to include it in it?

    Let me know, please. (and who they should give credit to, if you OK it.)

  7. mamabear2157

    mamabear2157 New Member

    I am so very glad that you liked my poem. I know I should get it copy righted, but to be very honest, it costs money, and I just don't have any to spare right now. (I wish I did)!

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have had a very busy day, and I am paying for it.

    Once again thank you.

    Mary Ellen
  8. sarahann61

    sarahann61 New Member

    It did speak for us all.. I wish you would have it published, and maybe more people ,would have a little more understanding.. Thanks for sharing it, and I would like to copy it to my computer, and maybe share it with my family, if you do not mind...........
  9. mamabear2157

    mamabear2157 New Member


    I am glad you liked the poem. Please feel free to share it with your family. I shared it with mine, but I must say it didn't really do much. LOL

    Again thank you.

    Mary Ellen
  10. mamabear2157

    mamabear2157 New Member

    Hello Fight.

    Thank you for the information. Let me make sure I have it right ok? I send a copy to myself snail mail and then don't open it. Is that correct?

    Thank you again.

    Sorry so short, but I am in some awful pain today. I think it is going to be an early night tonight.

    Mary Ellen
  11. mamabear2157

    mamabear2157 New Member

    Hello MsMoody.

    I am not sure if I had a chance to thank you for your comments on the poem. I am glad you liked it.

    Sorry this is so short, but I am having a very bad day. I think it is going to be an early night.

    Mary Ellen
  12. mamabear2157

    mamabear2157 New Member

    Thanks Fight. Hopefully I will feel a little better tomorrow and I will do just that. Otherwise I will make a point of getting it done Saturday.

    Thanks again.

    Gentle hugs,

    Mary Ellen

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