A poll-The difference between Worship and Prayer and a 24 hr prayer wheel

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Takesha, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. Takesha

    Takesha New Member

    Please believe me when I say I am not trying to split hairs here or start an arguement.It is just that this morning I woke up with a question on my heart. It is-What is the difference between Worship and Prayer?
    I would like everyone who frequents this board to share their definition. I will start by giving you the same answer I gave God
    Worship is giving God Praise for all that he is and does. It is paying Him tribute for his mercy, grace, healing, and provision. It is stopping for a moment and telling him I love him.

    Prayer on the other hand is talking to God...telling him my secrets, sharing my pain and concern, ASKING for his help is all the things that concern me and those I love, or the world in general...It's me asking and taking from God all the things I need to live in this world.
    Please take the time to add your definition.

    Also, I would like to know if anyone would be interested in starting a 24 hour prayer watch list. If so let me know and I will post a page of the 24 hour day, and you can let me know what slot you want. I think we should limit it to 15 minutes, but if there are those who would like to pray longer then just go with what the Spirit is leading you to do. I would like to see each time slot with at least two people in it, because there may be someone who isn't able to pray and that way the spot will be covered. What do you think? Please let me know.
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  2. fibrojewel

    fibrojewel New Member

    I agree with you, I believe worship is praising him and all that he has done, and will do. I think it is an acknowledgement of the great "I AM"...I praiase him through song, play, work, through my children, writing, doing my stained glass, I praise him in alot of ways...I don't think it has to be through prayer...

    To me, prayer is talking to my father about what ever is on my heart. It is telling him about my day, and staying in contact with him. COMMUNICATION.

    I would be intersted in a 24 hour prayer watch list...I don't want anyone to go without knowing that someone read and is praying...if it's ok with the other board members and the moderators. Let me know the details!!!

  3. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    All I would add is that I always feel that when I am reading the Bible, its God talking to me, when I pray its me talking to God.
    I praise the Lord daily, just for His daily little things and big things He does for me, and the world in general. I am forever reminded to praise Him watching wildlife and plants, in other words, I praise Him for all things at all times.

    Your 24 hour prayer is a wonderful thought, but remember it has to be kept on this (Worship) board, and on one thread as it would be monopolizing this board for those who are asking for prayer each day, if its on one thread then it can continue to stay at the top of the board without pushing the prayer requests to the back pages.

    I would be afraid to give a 'time' that I could pray as I 'forget' time, and then there is the sleep problems, I can't give a definate time when I would be up or not. Unless I take a 5 minute slot about 12 midnight (thats when I usually say my 'formal' prayers other than the all day off and on prayer that I do on a daily basis).

    Post it, and I will see if I can get in where I won't 'forget', boy this illness is a misery sometimes! Can hardly make plans for anything, even five minutes without worrying that I will forget.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. MarieTourond

    MarieTourond New Member

    I too believe that when I worhsip the Lord I am giving Him praise for all His creation, which is beautiful. When you worship God you are usually at Church and are woshipping Him with a lot of people. You can also worship Him on your own too.
    When I pray I am talking to Him one on one and also praising Him, thanking Him, and making requests for family and loved ones and friends. It is more private to me at that time when I am conversing with Him, or at least I am doing all the talking.
    A 24 hr prayer will be great, keep me informed at to when it starts and I will give you my time slot.
    God be with you always,
    hugs Lee
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  5. CJ-Tex

    CJ-Tex New Member

    What an interesting topic, I hope you don't mind that I give my opinion.....

    To me, worship is what I do daily to Him Who made me and then sent His Son to die for me so that my all too human sins are forgiven! What a glorious God we have! His grace is awesome and His love never ending!

    Prayer can be worship when giving thanks to Him for all He does for us. All too often prayer is turned into "request hour" but the Lord knows our needs so when we go to Him and speak of our heart, pouring out our very souls and the real needs to Him, not worrying about "proper" prayer He hears us more clearly. We must remember He counts the very hairs on our heads so He knows our needs. What we must do is share ourselves fully with Him, humbly and willingly.

    Prayers for others is a giving way to say to the Lord "I see a need here and this person has more urgent needs than myself". When our Heavenly Father hears our pleas for another His heart fills that much more!

    I will continue to focus on worshipping Him more than requesting of Him. I am so very blessed to have my faith, to know His love, and to believe in His promise of eternity.

    May the Lord watch over and keep you safe from harm, this I pray to our glorious Father.

    In faith,
    C J

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  6. Takesha

    Takesha New Member

    I think we all think pretty much the same way. CJ-Tex, I don't mind at all that you posted. This board is for everyone and I wanted to hear what people have to say. I hope more respond.

  7. CJ-Tex

    CJ-Tex New Member

    I tried posting verses and worship quotes but began to feel discouraged after a while. I guess I should continue His work here as well as in my community but it is harder when there is no feedback. In my church and my own community I can see the way my faith makes a difference. When I posted here I never knew if anyone read it...

    Let us always WORSHIP Him no matter how we choose to do it.

    "Come, everyone, and clap for joy! Shout triumphant praises to the Lord!" - Psalm 47:1

    Praising Him all the day long.

    In faith,
    C J
  8. Takesha

    Takesha New Member

    Sometimes people are not as bold about there faith as others, and some others are just curious. When I post, I too don't know if my post's are being read. I am always delighted when there is a response and it's nice to know someone read my post. I think that if something is on your heart you should share it...more often than not the person who is meant to read it, will, even if there is no response.
    I for one would love to read your posts..so please post when you want to. "Some water, Some sow, but it's God who gives the increase." So much of what we do in life seems to go unnoticed, but God notices it! Please Post!!!!

  9. IgotYou

    IgotYou New Member

    You're right on that they're not the same thing, but I've learned that beginning every prayer with a heart and mind of worship gives me a sense that I can trust the Lord with the thoughts and requests I share with Him in prayer. I discovered this idea while studying Philippians, and I realized that the model of prayer that is repeated throughout the Bible always begins with an acknowledgement of the power and greatness of God. It has made prayer much more meaningful and effective for me.

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