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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Janalynn, Feb 15, 2008.

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    I had a doctor's appt today. I was explaining to my doctor that I am trying so hard to be positive (as we all are when we can), that when I am out of pain, of course it's much easier. Thankfully I have a wonderful doctor who listens to me and let's me ramble as I need to. I told her that sometimes I have to just get my mind of this DD, stop thinking about it, try to live as normal of a life as possible. I have another appt with a rheumatologist on Monday. I've seen him before - so it's just a follow up. I was explaining to her that even going to see him was depressing because his office environment is so "yucky" - old building, smells old, ya know?
    I need a positive place to go. Would any one object to a thread of only positive things and thoughts? Just one thread where we can be "normal" for a moment, happy?
    I know the chat board is more like that than the FM board which I LOVE..but I think if there was one thread where we could write our celebrations, share some joy, talk about things that those darn normal people talk about LOL.

    For the most part I think this whole chat forum is great for that - lots of everyday stuff, which is wonderful - please don't anyone think otherwise!
    Let me know what you think.
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    I think this is a great idea for a thread! This is one of the reasons I prefer to come to the chat board instead of the FM board. The FM board is great when I need help for my medical issues, but it can get depressing sometimes always thinking about this DD!!

    I enjoy so many other things in life, and this is a GERAT place to discuss those things.

    Now, let's see.....what DO normal people talk about?? When I think of something I will be back to this thread!
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    Just a thought.

    Why not ask the doctor that you like if she knows of a different rheumatologist that she could recommend?

    Another approach would be to go to the arthritis board and post a topic that says something like, "looking for a good rheumy in ________ Colorado. See if anyone on that board happens to live in the same general area that you live.

    I understand what you mean about depressing yucky office environment that smells old. I've had some rheumys like that. I'm with you. When I go to see my rheumy, I want a modern, well lit office with comfortable furniture in the waiting room. Soft hugs, Joyfully
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    Its hard to feel 'normal' when we live from doctor appt. to doctor appt. and all that pain. That being said, here is something that made me happy this week!

    I collect teddy bears, my favorites are the Boyd's and Bearington Bears, but I like anything that makes a particular bear stand out. My husband bought me several bears for Valentine's day to add to my collection! I thought that was very sweet. I look at my bears during the day, even in passing and they make me smile!

    Good Post

    God Bless
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    I just thought we could have one thread that was nothing but good thoughts- good experiences, happy! I know, it's hard sometimes.
    I had to laugh - "what do normal people talk about?" LOL!
    Sometimes do you feel like you think about this DD 24/7 because you 'feel' it, you live it - sometimes it's nice to get your mind off of it.
    I don't have a problem with the rheumatologist per se. I was just giving an example. I only see him twice a year to get his opinion on my care - see if he has any new ideas, heard any new research updates etc. I was really just making a point that the whole enviroment of this DD can be so depressing sometimes! I remember when my oldest son was a baby. He was sick a lot and had a lot of things going on - we went from doctor to doctor. I remember every single waiting room. Some of those 'feelings' still sit with me - the whole atmosphere was so awful - mix that with a worried Mom and well it wasn't good. There - maybe we should all start a doctor's office makeover business - comfy chairs, bright pictures, plants, smiling friendly staff (don't start me there).

    It's a beautiful day here in Colorado. We're supposed to have a balloon "fest" 25 hot air balloons taking off in the distance shortly. Should be a beautiful sight to see. Guess it's a little windy so they had to postpone the early morning take off. I love that sound in the morning - if you've never heard it - it's quite something - the balloons filling up before the head up into the sky.

    Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday. Hope you get lots of rest, lots of love. lots of peace, lots of good old movies on TV if that's your preference - or a good ol' comedy or love story. Me - I need to pick up my mess of a house, clean myself up (shower), then plan on wrapping myself up in my favorite blanket and relaxing this afternoon!

    Ive started a new business selling Designer Replica handbags and accessories and have a big party next weekend - so I have a lot of prep work to take care of. I am having a ball with this and am making such much needed extra money!!
    How about the rest of you? anyone have any wonderful plans for the weekend? Like doing nothing and being able to relax? LOL
  6. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Janalynn,

    What a great idea for a new thread. First of all when you get the chance could you tell us all more about your handbags. I do not remember or if you mentioned if you just sell them or make and then sell them. What is the name of the line?

    I agree with you and I have said many times before that being positive and doing something/anything that you like to help get your mindoff this DD, the pain and all the symptosm. That can help a great deal if you (everyone ) can do this. I know everyone also is different and some are alot worse off than others but even trying to something small and different that you (others) can enjoy can be wonderful for your mental health.

    I enjoy singing and belong to church choir and two other groups. One small one we go around to assisted living and nursing homes, ladies clubs etc to sing. I really consider and have said so many times, that singing is my THERAPY !! Yes, I do have to push myself many times due to the pain and lack of energy but it is something I really enjoy, so I do it.

    I also belong the the county choral society and had also belong to another smaller group attached it was in it for a year. I really loved it but it really was to much out at night and running around to many perfomances. When it gets to be almost stressful it is time to stop. It started out being my husband's idea that I quit and I really didn't want to but the more I thought of it the more I realized it was the right thing to do. I still have church choir, Chorale Society and andother small group that practices during the day in my subdivision..

    I hope everyone can find something you love to do, even if it is at home and do a little bit a day just to make you feel a little better. I have had this DD for over 20 years and I think this has helped me a whole, especially for my state of mind (such as it is)(-: !!

    Oh yes, these boards are wonderful THERAPY too, esp chit chat but they are ALL great !! Being able to talk to others about anything other than our DD's is helpful.

    Yes, we all have our limitations but a positive attitude , if you can keep it that way most of that time, I believe to be VERY important. Yes, I know how challanging it can sometimes be !!!!

    Keep this idea going everyone !!

    Hugs and blessings,

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    Well Let me see!,,,lolol,,I try hard to stay positive! and your right it's all about the positive thinking and also doing stuff that you enjoy,,,,,,I love to bake and sew and be outside as much as possible,,,,,,need to get my machine serviced,,,,,Like to collect vintage kitchenware and linens,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Have to watch that!,,Lol,,, i'll get to much!,,,,,,,I use the old kitchen utencils on a regular basis,,,,they work Great!

    It's a Beautiful day here also in Montana,,,,,,,The sun is out and there is a new 2 inches of snow that will melt (Hopefuly) lolol,,,by the end of the day!,,,it's almost 38 degrees,,,,,,,YEA! I hope you have a great restful afternoon!,,,,,,Sis