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    I just wanted to share with everyone a positive side of chiropractic care since theres some negative things being posted. I Do believe that there are bad ones out there...I have experienced those and got real turned off to them. I never went back. Now i get adjusted at least 3 times a week along with the 4 kids and my hubby and we have had nothing but a positive experience. Not all Chiropractors are created equal...just as with ANY Doctor.
    Heres my response to a post from someone who I feel so horrible about who had a very bad experience...IM SO SORRY YOU WENT THRU WHAT YOU DID AND IM PRAYING FOR YOU.

    "Personally I work for a Chiropractor and I get care and been under his care (along with the entire family) for over a month now. I can honestly say We are ALL improving on our end here and we love the chirpractor we are going to. I NO LONGER have to keep getting steriod injectiosn for my herniated disc in my back, I feel 100% better FINALLY...no orthopedist or the pain killers or steriods he put me on helped...the chiro is helping and Im very greatful. I also have had severe Periformis syndrome in my left hip for 3 yrs now...once again, No Doc could offer any support other than steriod shots into the joint and prescription drugs...POOF a month of care already and WOW what a difference for me. Along with these positives signs that its working is that the fibro seem sot be more controlled. My hubby and his health is now becoming better, and my children (ALL4) seem to be responding in a positive manner (no more headaches, TMJ and belly trouble for any of them). Over all it has been a wonderful experience for all of us.

    As far as your experience maybe you just found the wrong Chiropractor. YES it can be very expensive but it doesnt matter the price if the Doc doesnt know what he is doing.

    If you feel fit and you have the proof to back up how sick you got my advice is then to get a lawyer. If you were under his care and you signed a contract with him then theres not much you can do and unfortunately he can send collections after you. Im so sorry you are going thru this. Its anhorrible thing. I too have had horrible experiences with CHiros int he past and was reluctant to allow my new boss to lay a hand on me. Now a little over a month later I cant be more greatful to him...I have been thru so much especially my back issues and my neck issues (I broke my neck when I was 18, have degenerative disc disease bad in my neck so Im in bad shape). I refuse to take prescription drugs because they make me more ill and the side effects are so bad for me.besides the fact that ANYONE who takes a pain killer on a daily basis will eventually become addicted to them...hence another good reason not to start taking them and I dont. I NO LONGER have Migraine headaches nor the horrible neck and back pain that was keeping me up all night and the best is that the fibro is under control for the most part right now. I havent had to take a liquid advil for 3 weeks....I have ALWAYS had one or tow of them on a daily basis (hence the bad stomach). now I dont need them at all. I am finally getting sleep at night too which I have suffered from insomnia for over 15 yrs now (maybe even longer). So I guess if Chiros are fruadulant then I must be psychogenically healing myself if thats the case. Proof is in the pudding and I feel great.

    HUGS to you. I wish you alot of luck and hope you feel better soon. Not all chiros are created equal...just as no Doctors are equal. Dont assume because you ahve had a bad one that they are all bad."


    Thanks for hearing my side. HUGS to all! Have a great week!

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    finding a good doctor of any kind certainly can be difficult, as we all know all too well!

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    I can't walk. Takes a chiropractor to fix me up.
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    Hi Hon,

    I just KNEW you were referring to me on this one...tehe

    I once had a chiropractor who was an ANGEL sent to me...This was back in the 80's on Long Island and I started with her as a referral from my ins.co. just after a fender bender...If they were all like her, this world would be a wonderful place...

    Ya know, some responses I got to my post, well actually one, kinda freaked me out, like it was my fault...I am still scratching my head on that one...After 5 major surgeries and SUFFERING with all my health problems FMS/CF,OA,UC/Crohn's,etc...plus every day living, which I am willing to adnit has almost pushed me over the edge, I think I have the right to complain...

    BTW, I never even thought of suing this nitwit, but rather just writing a short letter to try and get across how he set me back, physically and mentally...I take NO meds due to my IBD and liver issues as well as having a grudge against pharma (that's my prob), so added injury I do not deserve and cannot defend...

    I did forget to add that after he swayed me with his bull on NOT going near my neck, he convinced me I would benefit if I let him try...After much coaxing, I let him...After telling him, it was much worse, then he wanted to 'fix' it further and I needed to 'buck up'...

    Also, everytime I questioned his methods or asked him anything for that matter, he had an answer...He even went as far as scheduling another woman with fibro the same time as I, so he could have her 'sell me'...My hubby was with me every time and saw what was going on, but because he has never gone for the last 11 years, this was all new to him, so the doc also used my hubby's ignorance to talk me into more and more treatments...I am not blaming my hubby...It took many of us a long time before we figured out the agenda of most medical 'professionals' out there...

    I'm sorry if I sound negative and I'm sorry if I am beating the same dead horse but I thought of everyone out there, surely most on this board could relate...

    Ya know butterfly, I went as far as calling Long Island and telling my husband that I would consider going back home for treatments to get some relief from my old wonderful chiro...She is no longer practicing...:((((((((((((

    I also feel I must add, that I am far from a whimp...The pain I live with daily and knowing what meds and supps have the potential of hurting me more, that is some cross to bear, however, in many of my recent posts, I feel I must find something to help...The constant agony of it all is making for a not-so-nice person to be around...I just cannot do that to my hubby...This is why I have tried for 13 years to get well...What am I to do?

    I just won my SSDI and lemme tell you, I am not happy about it one bit but again something I have to deal with...I don't want to give up and/or give in but hey, these are chronic illnesses we are dealing with...I just need some relief and not someone to come along with promises they cannot fulfill...

    I am happy for you to have someone that cares so for your family...I remember the feeling...I envy you...I still have hope that there is someone out there but after all I have been through (always getting hit on the head, my mom would say) I am oh so reluctant to keep looking...You know what I mean...

    Thank you for taking the time to tell me your success story, it gives me hope for the future...There is always someone that can relate to you and will share themselves in hopes of benefitting others, you did just that...I had more than a rough weekend and frankly I thought I wouldn't be on here today...I suffered with another Crohn's attack and I thought for sure it would be the last, so to come on here and see that you cared enough to write really made me smile...For that I am grateful!

    Now, please don't tell me that in my fog induced state I'm in, this was not directed toward me...Wouldn't I feel like a dufus...tehe

    Love to you butterfly...Keep up the good work...Your children and hubby I am sure are proud of you...Finding them good health care IS the most important thing we can do for our kids...Thank you again for sharing your story.

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    Im SO SORRY about your experience...I truly am. I have had nightmares myself with Chiros. I was actually hurt by one and couldnt walk for a while. He went messing with my hip the wrong way and that was that....for weeks I was in pain and I never returned.
    If I didnt start working for a chiro and believed in him so much I WOULD NOT have had him even lay one hand on me. I have lost ALOT of trust in ALL my doctors because I have had botched surgeries (2 ) in the past yr, I have found alot of Docs will just push a prescription on me and send me on my way without listening to me and spending time with me and well, Doctors are not all on my good list.

    IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT WHAT SO EVER. Please dont thing I or anyone else is trying to make you feel that way. I HOPE AND PRAY I WAS NOT THE ONE WHO MADE YOU FEEL THAT WAY...if I did then it was NOT my intention sweety and Im so sorry if it was taken the wrong way.

    There are good Docs and there are quacks and jerks...I seemed to have attracted alot of the quacks in my lifetime because i am so gullable(spelling?). Theres many of times I questioned myself as to why I cant seem to find the Doc...is it me??? is there soemthing wrong with me? Us fibro/CFSers always seems to blame ourselves for the Doctors who give us the wrong care...its not our fault whatsoever and we need to make sure we remember that.

    Anyway, Im praying for you. Im hoping that you can get out of your contract...I know from being on the "other side of the desk: that once you sign an agreement, they can enforce that and it stinks. Im so sorry you cant find your old Chiro...they are few adn far betweeen as far as finding the right one who wont kill you or injure you.

    Best wishes...let me know how you make ok? Im praying for good outcome for you.

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    I think your post is great. I have been seeing a chiro to manage my FM, Bad back, and CMP. I have tried meds, etc..so far the chiro I see is great. I agree that there are many bad chiros like there are many bad doctors, etc...

    If utilizing a chiro one should do their homework, many will offer a free consult, but prior to that check into their licensing and make sure they are ACA certified. This can be done on line in all states as they are required to be licensed like medical or osteopathic physicians to practice. Also I think anyone with our disorders needs to have a open , clear discusion on what can be done Treatemt protocol, outcome expectations.

    I see my chiro at this point biweekly, I only pay a copay as my insurance covers chiro care, his fees however are reasonable. He only takes xrays if really indicated.

    Due to my FM he is cautious about the high velocity manipulations and has realigned my spine without causing me pain, yes I am usually a little sore after tretment, but nothing a good warm shower can't help with.. He also does trigger point relaease and strecting to get my hips even again as my left side was off and I could feel the tugging.

    I look forward to seeing my chiro, he always follows up on any pain or new pain we discuss what I am doing at home. AS he expects people to particpate in their own treatment and healing. He is a gentle soul.. and looks at the whole person.

    After researching the training DC's are required to have, I have alot of respect for the profession, they are often underutlized...and are a less expensive way for some of us to relieve our pain..

    I choose not to use other meds except in really bad break thru pain as I have a seizure disorder and many meds will lower the threshold. So for me this is a good alternative.

    Thanks for your post, maybe others will give Chiros a try, as I always say though do your homework first.

    I know I feel about 70% better than I did in August, my Physcian could only offer meds, knew how I felt and made this me a referral to my current chiro as I am new to the western NY area.

    Have a great week,

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    AWESOME advice about doing your homework before going to a specific Chiro. I too feel its very important...also find out who goes there, find otu how theyf eel about the Doctor, etc.
    This will also to help ensure you dont find a bozo who will end up doing more harm then good.
    IM SO HAPPY to see others success stories.