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    First a praise. We live between two airports and to make a long story short, an airplane did not make it back to the airport when it experienced engine trouble, like the engine died and he could not get it started again. He landed it belly flop style on our street. Thank God no one was hurt and the only real injury was to a tree trunk.

    The pilot is a Christian and gave his testimony on TV news as to how God directed him as to what to do. He was only hurt a little in his back but was basically okay. Praise God.

    Also if you oould please pray for my son who is living in Taiwan and teaching English. China has pointed many missles towards TAiwan and is threatening a takeover, which is not really new. The people belive in many gods and do not know which one will give them a good eternity aqnd save them. They will come to the English teachers and ask "what God do you believe in?" Pray that they will listen when the truth of salvation is told to them. They are so afraid and spend so much energy trying to appease all the gods.

    One more request (Is there a limit). My cousin and her husband live as missionaries in Uganda, not a safe place to be, but they are doing a greaqt work there and need lots of prayer.

    Thanks for the prayers.....and for everyone else on the board thqat is asking for prayer I will say a prayer for you before I crash.
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    What an amazing story about the airplane!

    I will say a prayer for your son, that the people he talks to will open their hearts and accept and embrace the truth.

    I think it's wonderful when people do unselfish things like your cousin and her husband. I always find it strange how people think that Africa is a country, when it is in fact a huge continent consisting of many countries.
    Most of them in desperate need of help! I will pray that their work be blessed and they be protected.

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    Wow, an amazing story. Miracles happen. You certainly have family spread far and wide, I pray that all will be safe and give thanks for the airplane.
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    I haven't written to you for a long time....good to hear from you.
    My brother in law has also taught English in Taiwan- in fact, he married a lady from there and they do business in Taiwan. He still teaches some on the side, but his business is pretty consuming. They import fruit from the U.S.

    I'll pray for your son.......Terri
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    Wow Jinlee

    What a story about the airplane that landed on your street, it is amazing that no one was hurt, God is great isn't he?

    I will be praying for your son that God will bless him and keep them all safe in Taiwan

    Thank you for posting