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    A prayer answered! I just got new health insurance in April. Well, about the middle of the month I started having some serious health issues. On the path to discovering that I have FM, the doctor discovered that I also had a congenital heart defect. I had no idea! So my insurance got hit with a lot of bills right away.

    They decided to do a full medical records review. I was just heartsick. I called them and they said it was just routine and I was ramdomly picked, and once they did this they will never have to do it again. I was so worried. I knew that I didn't have any knowledge of FM or my heart problem (Wolf Parkinson White syndrome) before mid-April. I was worried that I may have forgotten some appointments (routine type things) and that they would use that to drop coverage. They told me on the phone that they know that people can't remember everything and it wasn't major or uninsurable condition that I didn't have any reason to worry.

    Of course I continued to worry. I have a heart procedure scheduled for Aug. 2 and they still hadn't made a determination. So I couldn't have the procedure done unless I knew for sure that it was covered and that we weren't being dropped.

    Last week they were still requesting records (from my gyn of all drs!). They started all of this in the beginning of June. Yikes! I have just been praying that this would be resolved and that they would do the right thing. Before calling then last time, I just cried and prayed again for strength and patience and just to be nice on the phone to them when I didn't feel nice....

    Today I called and they completed it and are processing all the claims they were holding all this time. Thank the good LOrd- I know he listens and this if proof. I feel so thankful. I know He is using everything that is going on with me to make an awesome testimony! He'll make me strong to serve Him.

    Lord I am so grateful for Your love and help. I know You can heal and praying that it is in Your will!

    Praise to Jesus!


    Please keep me in your prayers Aug. 2nd
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    I'm so sorry that you was diagnosed with FMS and with a congenital heart defect.

    But, I'm also PRAISING THE LORD for your answered prayers. I'm so glad that your Health Insurance Co. are processing all of your claims.


    I will certainly be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers on Aug.2. Please keep us updated.

    Many Blessings to you, Judy

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    Hi Carlie,
    Celebrating with you over here:) What a relief!!!
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    I praise God with you. There are times when He seems to be a last minute God, but He never fails us.

    My husband had the proceedure done for wpw came through it very well and praise God has been much healthier for a number of years I will keep you in my prayers and mark my day planner to pray especially hard on August 2 for both you and your medical team.