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    Today I was at Chilton Hospital getting a Nuclear Scan for a Gastric MEptying Study done on me. Sounds worse than it is. Actually I had to eat radioactive scrambled eggs and for two hours they monitored the motility of my stomach and how good (or bad) it was with emptying the stomach. Actaully it was kinda neat LOL! Every 15 minutes for 2 hours they would scan another film and I could actually see the radioactive egss in my belly LOL! ok...enough of that I dont want to gross you out.

    In between each scan, I had to go back into the waiting area and wait for the next round. I felt ok. Just VERY thirsty and exhausted (as usual) becasue I didnt sleep a wink last night. Awoman sat next to me and we began chatting about this and that.

    Eventually we started discussing why we were both there. She has recently gone into remission from Hodgkins Disease. In case some of you dont know this is actually a form of Lymphoma but a very curable kind. (95% curable). BUT mind you the treatments are horrible. She explained how she lost her hair and she would sit and cry because she blew up like a balloon from Chemo. She began telling me how her 8 yr old son was her rock. He would come in and tell her that she was a beautiful woman no matter what and that someday when she was all better, she would blossom into a beautiful butterfly.... I began tearing up and ytold her what a wonderful son she had. 8 years old and there he was such a sorce of strength and courage for his mommy.

    Anyway, she went in for her scans. She was nervous because this would tell if the cancer was back or if it was definately all gone. So I wished her well and she wished me well. After her scan, she came back to the waiting area andlooked at me and smiled. I said "how did ya do in there???" she smiled and said "oh Im fine...now its just a waiting game....Im really nervous and I hope I get good news..now Ill just leave it up to prayer..." and I looked at her and said "well, you have another person right here who will keep you in her prayers as well... We said our good byes and I wished her wonderful news in the future.

    This woman was so incredible sweet. Not that ANYONE deserves ANY cancer but she just didnt seem liek it should have happened to her. I am asking a small request for a stranger and thats if any of you could keep her in your prayers I would appreciate it. Ask the Lord to touch upon her and help her to remain cancer free. She really was a remarkable woman.

    Thanks so much!

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    I will certainly be keeping this lady in my thoughts and prayers and I'm also continuing to pray for you.

    Blessings, Judy <a href='http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb008' target='_blank'><img src='http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/17/17_1_22.gif' border=0></a>
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    I would have done the exact same thing ~
    Your very kind to search for more strength in numbers for this young woman~ I will send a special prayer,hoping she remains well long into the future!!
    I see the comfort and strength in children thru terrible ordeals so often~ Where do they find their stamina?
    They are so thoughtful and pure are'nt they?
    And it comes so natural to them~
    I wish more adults had that quality about them,...preferably drs.

    Abundant blessings,
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    Isn't it wonderful how God arranges meetings for us? He ministers to us in many ways. Your chance meeting with this woman and her son has touched more than just your life, by passing on and asking for prayer for a stranger you have given us the opportunity to see the Lords work.

    I know reading your post was a blessing to me.

    I am praying for Gods healing power for you and the family you met.
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    I have seen more Christians "connecting" with prayer needs in hospitals, then you could count. When its happened to me, I found it to be a wonderful blessing in my walk with the Lord.

    I am praying that your test results come out well and that you get the relief from symptoms you need. I will certainly lift up this woman with Hodgkins that God would grant her a complete recovery.