a prayer for middle east at a time of war

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    (issued by UCC)

    You did not make us, O God, to die in bomb craters or to huddle through the night in basement shelters. You made us to play under olive trees and cedars and to sleep soundly with animal toys and gentle loves. Lord have Mercy.

    You did not make us, O God, to hold hostages for barter or to rain deadly fury on innocent children and beautiful coast lands. You made us, O God, to welcome strangers and the cherish all creation. Christ have Mercy.

    You did not make us, O God, to opress in the name of security or to kill in the name of justice. You made us, O God, to find security in justice and to risk life in the name of Peace. Lord, have mercy.

    Search our hearts for our own complicity. Spare us from pious prayers that neglect Gods cry. Let us speak a resounding "no" to this warring madness and thus unmake our ways of death, so that we may be made more and more in your image. Kyrie Elesion.
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    and love to you cromwell. Love, Tam
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    ...also pray for the innocent and the guilty. Pray for peace always...
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    God Bless you

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    This brought tears to my eyes. I'm going to make a copy to use for prayer.

    Thank you so much for sharing it.