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    Ok...tomorrow is my big day. It is also our 4 childrens big day too as they all begin school. Tomrrow I start my new job as a Special Education Personal Aide to an Autistic little girl, age 7.
    Today I had the opprotunity to meet her mommy at Kindergarten Round up and her sister and little Rachel...the girl I will be with the whole school year.
    My husband is such a support for me...he keeps routing me on and telling me how proud he is of me and how greta I am going to be...
    Me on the other hand, Im very nervous and I am so afraid to lose another job. When I got this job I was so much at peace and at ease because I know that God hand picked this one especially for me....

    Now that its closer to my first day I am soooooooo nervous. I have some troubles with self-esteem and I just hope they dont get in the way of me doing a good job.

    Please everyone pray that the Lord gives me strength guidance and courage...and I have been sooooo fatigued the past few days, I havent slept in a few weeks and the fibro has been kicking in as well. The faitgue has been really bad where I can barely focus and concentrate and I am afraid itll get in the way of my job as well as when the four kids come home with homework, etc. Please pray that God lifts this severe fatigue so I can function for this little girl and the teachers I will be working with.
    I have been so fatigued that I havent been able to even sit down and do my bills...everything is so overwhelming to me the past few days. Im sure the anxiety isnt helping the situation.

    Thanks again everyone! I appreciate all your help!
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    My prayers are going to Gods' ear right now. Be bold and be confident in the Lord. He is your hedge of protection, your source of strength and He will not leave or forsake you.

    He has a plan for you and the very lucky little girl.

    My prayers also for your family.

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    Today was a very GOOD but extremely tiring day for me. I

    loved the little girl I had but I was also out with a

    little boy (even though I wasnt assigned to him) because

    they are in need of more aides. HE was a challenge but he

    was cute. I think because I had two kids it really wore me

    out. Plus I ddint have anything to eat from 7:30 until

    about 12:00 noon and BOY did I feel it. I was so wiped out

    come lunchtime I could have passed out.

    Thank you for your prayers. God was with me today and it

    was a very good day. Like the teacher I work with

    said "TODAY IS JUST THE HONEYMOON...." which she is right.

    There are days when Autistics can be VRY difficult. I pray

    that on a day liek that Ill have my strength and energy to

    deal with it. I also had a little Downs Syndrome boy in my

    class he was such a sweet heart and a delight. He stole my

    heart away. Downs Syndrome kids are so loving and mushy.

    So thast the scoop and the update All! Thanks again!

    God Bless!

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    I will keep you in my prayers. You sound like it is the perfect job for you. Everyoneis nervous on the 1st day and perhaps that has caused you increase fatigue. I will say a prayer for you so you will be able to be well enough to work. Try to relax and rest when you can. Make sure you eat a good breakfast and remember your water.

    God Bless!
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    I think I responded to another one of you posts. I will keep you in prayer for strength and energy! I work in spec. ed. too. I love the school kids and my job. I just keep praying my way through everyday.

    I have worked with autistic kids before. They are all so different- just like all kids. They can be a challenge. I hope they have taught some strategies to use with them. If not, look online, their has to be some help pages somewhere.

    God led you to this job. Maybe he is trying to help you not to focus on yourself and have a job serving others. It works for me. I don't have time to think about me too much during the day.

  6. another_painful_day

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    My job is going well. Only two days on it last week so far, but the little girl I am one on one with is such a cutie-pie!

    Believe me, by the end of the day I am completely drained, but its well worth it and very rewarding.

    It also puts things into perspective for me. I have two healthy little girls and two healthy step-children. My step-son has learning disability and ADHD but its nothing compared to what these other children face on a daily basis and I am so thankful.

    Thanks for your prayers. I ask to pleas ekeep praying for me to have the strength, wisdom and patience eveyrday to keep doing a good job.

    Thank you!