A prayer for our Doctors

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    A Prayer For Our Doctors

    Lord, you are the Great Physician; I come before you now because I know that every good and perfect gift must come from you.

    I Pray
    That you will give my doctor skill, clear vision, kindness and sympathy.
    I pray that you will also give him singleness of purpose, wisdom and strength, so that he/she may lift the burden of my suffering and the suffering of those like myself. I pray that you will give him a true realization of the responsibility he holds and that you will cause him/her to have the trust of a child and to rely on you. I ask that you take from my heart all anger, and unforgiveness that I have acquired because others have failed in relieving my pain and distress. Sometimes I forget Lord that they are mortal men just like me, so help me to rely more on your healing power.
  2. Takesha

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    I just sent you an email a while ago, did you get it?
    I posted this because our medical doctors sure need all the prayer they can get! Maybe through our prayers and our "CONNECTION" with the greatest Doctor of them all, they will come up with some cures and treatments. One thing is for sure...my complaining sure isn't getting me or them anywhere!
    Talk to you soon.
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    in agreement with you both in prayer for your medical care providers and also those that care for everyone on these boards. May He open their eyes...Bless you both.
    love, Rebel