A Prayer for Those who are Despondent

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    To all my friends!

    This prayer is by Jill Briscoe - I wanted to share it. It is a favorite of mine.

    A Prayer for Those who are Despondent

    Dawn in my darkness,
    deep in my heart,
    tell all the shadows
    to swiftly depart.
    Send out your love light,
    dispelling dispair;
    dawn in my darkness
    tell me you're there!

    Dawn in the drabness
    of dreary days,
    color my life
    with perpetual praise
    Paint with your paintbrush
    a heavenly view;
    dawn in my darkness,
    tell me it's you!

    Dawn in my darkness,
    bring me new hope,
    wake up my spirit,
    help me to cope.
    Use me to tell others
    just who you are:
    "My Dayspring, my Sunrise,
    my bright Morning Star!"

    God Bless You,

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    thank you! :)

    God Bless