A Prayer for when you are depressed

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    Prayer When Your Are Depressed
    By: Dr. Walter L. Weston

    God, life seems so bleak and useless right now. I don't have any energy. I have no ambition to do much of anything. I am really feeling down. I feel "down on" myself and "down on" everyone around me. Even as I pray, I don't sense your presence. I am going through the motions, knowing that you are still with me.
    I know that I am sacred and precious but they are just words right now. I know that my life has been worthwhile, full of many wonderful people and experiences, much happiness and joy. I feel little of this right now. God, all I can do is affirm the goodness of life and try to hold on until the darkness is replaced by your light and love.
    Help me to spot the lies that my depressed emotions are telling me. Life is good. I am good. You are good. Grant me hope. My loved ones love me. Life will be beautiful again. Soon, I will see the beauty around me again. Soon, I will again know vitality and purpose, happiness and love. Until then, give me the strength and hope to survive this day.
    Help me to smile and laugh, even if just for a moment. Be my strength and salvation. I ask you to restore me and make me whole. Fill me with the Word and the Spirit that I might be recreated anew. I praise and thank you. Amen.

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    I myself have had only brief episodes of depression so I can't say that I understand or have been there. I do know that God never, ever abandons His children. I too have had moments when I did not feel his presence and they were the lonelist times of my life. Sometimes when I feel that way, I just find a quiet place where I won't be interrupted and close my eyes. I imagine God sitting in a big rocking chair, and I am a little girl sitting on his lap with his arms wrapped around me and I just talk to him as "DADDY GOD"
    I sometimes cry, like the little girl I am, with my head upon his chest...It makes me feel better!
    I hope this helps some.
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    and I hope I can explain it...I was saved at the age of 19 and I am now soon to be 50. I have not always lived the way I should but I know that Nothing can seperate us from the love of God. Sometime I have done, said or thought things that were not to cool, and I know that during these times my sin seemed to make God feel real far away, then I felt guilty and felt like I couldn't be in God's presence anymore,So I stopped praying and doing the things I had once did. Man, was I miserable...So I have learned that if we ask God to forgive us, he does and that's that. However, our sense of guilt sometimes still hacks away at us,
    Secondly, I have learned that I must live by faith, and faith is not what we see, what we feel, or what we hear. So even if we don't feel Him he is still there.
    Maybe none of what I am saying applies to you, but please know that at this very second, God knows your heart, he knows how to get through to you, and I am praying this very moment that you will once again feel his presence in a tangible way and that you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt what is the height, depth, and width of his overwhelming love for you. God has promised that when we seek him with our whole heart we will find him. I know this is true and I pray that you experience this truth right now in the name of Jesus.
    One of the prophets in the old testiment said that he searched for God in the thunder, and in the winds, and in the roaring of the sea, but when he found him, it was in the still and quiet places of his heart.
    I hope this helps.