A prayer my mother gave to me

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    I have been suffering with depression and my mom who has way more problems then I do and cant remember what year it is half the time came to me yesterday and gave me this little card with this prayer on it.

    Lord, Im Hurting

    Yes,Lord I hurt
    The pain is deep,
    And I feel the mountains
    are so steep.
    I cannot seem to stand
    Please, dear lord
    Take my hand.
    I cannot seem
    to find my way.
    For me the sun
    is not shining today.
    I know you are there;
    I have felt your presence near
    but now, my Lord,
    My heart is gripped with fear.
    Lord, help the sun to shine
    And to know
    That you are mine.
    Heal the pain I feel;
    make your presence very real.
    Today, Lord, I give you all,
    Help me, dear Lord,
    not to fall.
    And if I fall,
    Hold me tight,
    So I can feel
    Your Strenght and might.
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    I havent been posting much lately - but do peek and pray for all - just not enough hours. Today I had to respond- as this is the thing I need - and reminds me of prayers I found w/ mom's things after she passed away. Thank you for sharing.

    I am subject to bouts with depression - and was coming along really well - but I know I hurt some one near and dear to me - very much - this happened last week when I was ill with some flu - and didn't tink something out to well b4 I acted on it.

    Now that I can think clearly - I know I handled it badly. I would wake up last nite w/ it on my mind - and only could gt back to sleep after I turned it over to the Lord witH a simple pharse:TURN A CARE TO A PRAYER.

    I did call the pastor - he knows her too - and maybe will give me something to think on - as he will call me back at 8 tonight.

    Sorry to bud in on this thread - but pray please.

    Miss you all, Love Marian
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    I loved the prayer and thank you for sharing it.
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    I will be in prayer for you about your situation. Hope you are feeling better with the flu!