A Prayer

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    Dear God,
    Please order my thoughts today.
    Place in my mind those things that are a priority
    to You,
    Those things that will establish divine order in
    this life
    You have given me.
    Take away the thoughts, habits, attitudes
    which create fear and keep me from being
    in alignment with Your will.
    Help me to see things through Your eyes,
    according to Your law.
    Take away every thought, want,
    and unconscious urge that can place me
    on the treadmill of pain and confusion.
    Fill my mind with Your will, Your way,
    Your desire for me today.
    Help me to see all things from a divine
    perspective today, a perspective of love,
    peace and joy.
    And then, Lord, guide me to act accordingly.
    Thank You, God

    --A passage from "Lessons For Women