a psychiatrist told me some really different things today

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    i saw a psychiatrist today and he said that he thought that antidepressants worked by turning off a part of a gene and not by blocking reuptake of neurotransmiters. the reuptake idea is just an explaination that the drug companies give because they don't understand either. he said he thought my pain was neurogenic(born in the nerves) and they just don't understand the cause or how to treat it. so who knows what causes our problems. my neighbor was having terrible headaches and went to a neurologist who did a spinal tap to collect fluids for testing. his headaches went away and have not come back. the doctor i saw today said he saw the same thing happen when he was in medical school. he said people would come back for another "treatment" because removal of the fluid helped. has anyoue experienced this?
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    I wonder if ythere is more research out there? I too, have a feelojg this is connected with the nerve pathways, which would explain the stomach connection also with the vagus nerve running along the intestinal areas/

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