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    Ok. Last time I asked If people were losing weight since they've become sick; and a lot of answers were yes.
    Now I'm curious as to how many of us have "Gained" weight
    since becoming sick.
    I for one have Gained which is puzzling to me because I'm not eating as much as I used to, Plus, I'm constantly running to the bathroom with Diarrheas everytime I eat!
    I would think I would be losing weight , not gaining........
    Could my meds be putting the weight on??
    Any Ideas?



    Ok. Last time I asked If people were losing weight since they've become sick; and a lot of answers were yes.
    Now I'm curious as to how many of us have "Gained" weight
    since becoming sick.
    I for one have Gained which is puzzling to me because I'm not eating as much as I used to, Plus, I'm constantly running to the bathroom with Diarrheas everytime I eat!
    I would think I would be losing weight , not gaining........
    Could my meds be putting the weight on??
    Any Ideas?

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    HOUSEOFBLUES; I wish I knew.. I have had a major setback since coming down with the flu and just have been having a tough time since. I have addressed this before.. I noticed since beginning Neurontin I have increased in weight by nearly 20 lbs. My dr. has recently put me on Wellbuterin thinking that may help with the weight gain. Unfortunately, I have been basically homebound since late Oct. with the respiratory infection and a major flare of my fibro...I had been walking which did seem to slow the weight gain, and also help with the stiffness and pain... but ... I get so depressed when I visit the dr. and that scale comes into play. I have been praying that this would stop.. but... so, I am one of the unlucky ones who have put on weight since getting this illness. I do not know if it is the meds or depression or .. what.. God bless..BARB
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    I was just diagnosed with fm in August. But since May I have gain 25 lbs. I have never in my life weighed as much as I do now except for when I was pregnant. I use to go to the gym 5 days a week but now I can not. I don't eat any more than I use to. But the weight keeps adding up. This is very depressing to me. My clothes don't fit any more. I have always been small but now I have to wear my hubby's old jeans. (not too attractive!) I'm trying to exercise a little more but I'm having so much trouble with my feet and legs that in the end I'm wondering if the exercise is worth it or not.

    Feeling discouraged
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    and I hate it!!!!! This is so hard for me as I always TRIED to look my best. Wish there was a magic pill for this!!
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    House, I'm one of those people that has had this DD my entire life... I've had about 4 major* flares like "life stopping" for a period of time... I'm coming out of one right now and this was the flare that changed my diagnosis FROM lupus to FM... anyway, everytime I have had one of these major flares ( lasting 4 yrs one time and about 2 this time) I GAIN weigh BIG TIME without* changing a thing like you say. I don't change the amount of food or anything and like you have the IBS thing going on too.. so it doesn't make a bit of sense logically speaking but yet it happens to me too! And talking about where the weight gain is.... all in my belly , making me look prego! I'm serious! This flare LOL>>> since now I have a diagnosis that MAKES sense ( duh)... I've made alot of lifestyle changes and have decided to attack this disease naturally , lots o reasons.... firstly, I've had it all my life and know it is cyclical and secondly, why gain weight using drugs that don't work anyway LOL>>>> and thirdly.. why cover up something that may be a clue one day.... sooo to answer your question, yes I gain weight immensely with flares . I also want to tell you that when you come out of a flare and DO try to exercise.... and start drinking water... you CAN loose the weight too... I'm living proof! I've lost about 45 pounds in the past 5 months since I started the water thing and exercising... it nearly killed me when I started and I only could walk to the end of my driveway,,,, but* honey there is hope~ !!!! Good luck!
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    Before becoming sick I was always slender although I worked to stay that way - working full time, looking after 2 kids, doing my own housework and yard work, aerobics several times a week, 3-mile walks almost every night, etc. When I first became ill, I started gaining weight immediately even though I was still working - no exercise though.

    9 months later I was put on Paxil and within a year or so gained over 100 lbs! I eventually changed to Zoloft and have lost 70 of those pounds on Suzanne Somers - without any "real" exercise. I walk a little when I can and do stretches. Some day I'll try those pilates videos! :)

    I am having trouble losing any more weight and I think it is because of all the other meds I am on. I wouldn't be surprised if that is your problem.

    Some of us are inclined to gain weight even when healthy (like me); others, like my best friend was always inclined to lose weight. Now that she has CFS/FM she has to fight to keep over 100 lbs. on her 5 foot 11 inch frame!

    When I started taking Paxil in 1993 the doctor warned me that I might lose weight on it (yeah, right!). Some people like my friend would probably lose but I doubt if most of us would.

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    in the last two years.thats with going to gym and doing weight training 3 days a week,and its not all muscle!!
    What to do,blame it on meds. maybe??
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    I have steadily gained weight since FM. I lost weight before diagnosis weighing 6st 12lbs, I had previously maintained 7st 7lbs. Before diagnosis I found I was hypo thyroid, then FM,8st 7lbs. Can empathise with desperate feelings I have always been petite and couldn't believe it.
    I have recently joined a gym and worked up my excercise which I have to say has helped pain and stiffnes, though not easy, it has helped the weight a little, but not quickly enough! Any one know any magic?
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    i have gained 3 stone since i became ill.i used to be very slim.my lovely clothes don't fit me.
    it isn't the meds,i don't take any,apart from complimentary stuff.i have tried diets,drinking lots of water etc.i lose about 5 at first,then i don't lose any more.i go to hydrotherapy every week and do stretching exercises at home and i walk a bit,go up and down stairs all day to the bathroom!
    when i had blood tests my thyroid was supposed to be normal,

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    The elavil prescibed caused me to crave sweets. After 6 months and 25 pounds, I told the doctor to change my meds.
    My new FM doctor has me on vitamins and nutrients, and I have noticed a slight weigh loss. I am hoping to get off of the other prescription drugs. Latracy
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    Anti-depressants put on a lot.
    Beta-blockers put some on.
    Estrogen put on more.
    Less ability to exercise didn't help.
    Also, being ill causes stress, stress causes the release of cortisol, and cortisol causes fat to be deposited around the middle, hence the "preggers" look someone mentioned. This weight pattern predisposes one to diabetes and heart disease. Keep this in mind the next time some idiot doctor tries to tell you that "FMS won't shorten your life span".
    Bah humbug (sorry, bad day).
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    Im not sure how long Ive had Fibro (maybe a year or alittle over), but I started to pick up weight when I was pregnant with my first child. I did a drastic 112lbs to a amazing 220lbs.. I lost 40 pounds and got pregnant again.. Boy was I scared to death to gain.. I lost 40 more pounds while pregnant. Making me right at 140 pounds when I got her out and healed. I stayed 140 for month and I began to get tired all the time.. Over anything really. Shopping at one store was enough to make me rest for a couple hours. I went from being to exhausted to staying stiff all the time. I now have gained a total of 35 pounds since the birth of my last child. Before I never once had problems. I had my tubes cut and after that it was a nightmare to loose anything. That and I swell alot when I dont have my periods.

    My honest outlook is that I blame pain for it. Im one of those that use it for a comfort and shouldnt. Pain triggers a bad eating habit.. but trying to curb that.

    I am now trying to cut back on my pop "caffiene" and my calories. Ive tried to loose weight before and never suceeded. However never did cut back on my pop intake..

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    One of the reputable specialist in these disorders says that inspite of the fact that there is no change in diet, during the first 6-12 months of their illness people often gain 25-50 lbs. He attributes it to a change in metabolism.
    Many meds seem to play a role in weight gain as well. Even nausea, ibs, and a decline in food intake, can still produce weight gain.
    Ironic since we were all taught calories in--calories out...is what controls our weights.
    Add to that a decrease in mobility---geez!
    Hey Sandy---my Paxil ended up in the same place as yours, lol!
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    I've only consistently gained (50 pounds) since acquiring CFS/FM. I've been on Prozac most of that time, and was told that it makes you gain weight. While that may be true, the inactivity probably doesn't help much either. I have IBS, too, and only FEEL like I lose weight after a visit to the bathroom. Sucks doesn't it?
  16. It stinks too! I hate it! My rheumatologist said its because were not as active. I eat less now and gain! Go figure! I hate being fat! But I try to move as much as I can when I am not in a flare but exercise itself kills my joints! Alot of the meds are part of the wt. gain too! Its a no win either way !


    Yes i can relate too about the "Bloated" stomach.
    I especially look bad now that I've also had a Breast reduction done. Now for sure I Really look like I'm Pregnant! I had the Breast reduction done because they were so big and heavy that they were causing a lot of pain in my shoulders and neck. It's such a joy now not to have to wear a Bra. But, Now instead of my Breasts being the first thing noticed, My stomach is at the forefront! (lol)
    Oh well I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too......

    HOB[This Message was Edited on 11/14/2002]
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    I`ve put on 60 pounds the last 3 years. It was a combin-
    ation of meds and stress that did I guess. Some meds slow down your metabalism and I think being sick also slows it down.
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    I was always slim and petite but paxil took care of that for several years. I got off the paxil in January and the weight just fell off without even trying. I couldn't believe it.
    Now, my husband is taking Neurotin and he has gained 12 to 15 pounds in less than 2 months. Yikes! He needs to lose about 40 pounds instead of gaining more. I'm hoping the Dr. can change his medicine. He's taking this for RLS. I hope there is an alternative. Any one know of anything else he can take for RLS?



    Go to a website called "Family Practice Notebook" and see what it tells you about RLS...........