A question about Alzheimers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hope4Sofia, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Hope4Sofia

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    I was just reading some of your posts on the experiences you've had with Alzheimer's. My grandmother passed away last year from it. Does anywon know if there is any connection between FMS and alz? Have many of you had Alz in your families?

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  2. victoria

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    Funny I was just thinking about this tonight as I'd just gone to visit my 88 year old MIL in the hospital for other medical reasons;

    Altho my husband doesn't have CF/FM... my MIL is more and more in a dream world; if we couldn't take care of her here, she would be in a nursing home at this point. Her husband is still alive and 90% cognizant and is turning 96!

    I don't know that she has AD specifically (plaques), the MRI a few years ago showed necrotic areas (dead spots) so it was dx'd as 'vascular dementia' causing her problems. Some supplements do help her a bit mentally.

    However, it will be interesting -and scary, both -to see what happens with our population as we age. Especially since more and more of us are turning up with specifics like Lyme or mycoplasma... in my opinion this may also be the reason for AD, I know they have found borreliosis/Lyme if/when looking for it on autopsy of AD deaths.

  3. Cindi

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    My mom had Alzheimer's, but I don't know of any connection between the two. After watching her suffer for 12 years, it scares me to death to know that I have a higher chance of having Alzheimer's, too.

    This is a good question, and I hope you get more responses!


  4. Hope4Sofia

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  5. crdmkr2004

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    Yes, my father just passed away last September from agressive Alzheimer's. He started having symptoms at 65 and died at 73.It scares me to death to think I may get it too and with my depression and fibromyalgia, being so forgetful, I can't help but think sometimes that maybe it's Alzheimer's. It is terrifying.
  6. my mum and her father both had altziemers,so as you can imagine,im worried a great deal about it all,my sister worries about it too.
    i know of three people who suffer from fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome and their mothers also have altziemers.
    today i read a piece on fox news about altziemers running in families and its a big worry,i think about it daily.but on a good note..i may not get altziemers, but you can bet that from today until my dying day,im going to apprieciate the joy of mother nature more.im going to try my hardest to enjoy my life whilst i still have all my faculties.

    all the best
    fran xx
  7. caroleye

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    I believe it's a matter of genes & brain chemistry.

    e.g. Mother had breast cancer, but I don't think I carry that gene; another family member had Alz; so possible.
    But because I have a dominant acetylcholine "nature" (read the Edge Effect), I'm less likely chemistry wise to get it full-blown.

    Some studies are now showing by drinking caffeine it reduces the onset of alz by 10 years (if you're prone).

    Complicated issue.


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