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    Hello everyone........
    As i believe most of us do, i also follow an anti candida diet. I am being treated at a fibromyalgia clinic in London. My doctor has now advised me that it is time to start taking one of the anti-fungal drugs, and prescribed me Sporanox.
    Throughout my illness which has been almost a year now, i have never taken any prescribed drug. I take a zillion vitmins and follow a very strict diet. I made the desision early on to do it the natural way mainly because i have never believed in medication. Now i really consider myself to be 80% better.
    So anyway the question is. Does anyone know af any antifungal, or take one that isn't one of these prescribed ones, for instance like sporanox that have list of nasty side effects etc. I have found a few on searching the internet but really wanted to see if anyone else had taken a natural anti fingal instead of these medicated anti fungals....
    This would be a great help if you all could get back to me on this!!
    happy new year to everyone!
    lou x
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    There are several natural anti-fungal agents out there. Here's a few of them:

    Grapefruit Seed Extract
    Uva Ursi
    Tea Tree Oil
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    dear carla: i hope you don't mind i tried to e mail you about the out of the USA drug, but said not valid e mail address can you please re post email or

    let me know about the drug

    god bless and thanks


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    My wholisitc GP did give me a course of Nizoral for 3 months as my candida problem was considered severe, then he got me to take grapefruit seed extract and garlic. I'm pretty much clear now and what I do have left in my system, according to a live blood cell analysis is probably a result of some sugar binges I had when I fell off my diet for a few weeks.

    Also heard a homepathic treatment called Exmykehl, rectal suppositories are supposed to be very good too.

  5. Misdiagnosed

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    I just checked my notes and it was oral Nilstat for 3 months, not Nizoral as previously posted. My bloating disappeared within 4-6 weeks and has not returned.

    Goood luck
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    ...that we are all so SICK and Vehement about staying on a NATURAL course of action! I, for one, after talking to my Naturopath tonight for an hour, have decided to call my GP for a good dose of Rx and wipe this thing out and start from scratch. I have been with Candida a long time, but very ill after taking antibiotics 3 wks. ago.(what was I THINKING!). I lost 22lbs in 2wks...and then 6 more! Now I weigh 110lbs. and I'm so sick I feel like dying. I know its in my mouth,sinuses,lungs,digestive,etc...hey, I'm not going to fool around anymore. I know the drugs are toxic, but the candidiasis is leaving a whole lot more toxins into your body if you feel like I do, right now! Fibromiester
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    To everyone;

    How do you know you have candidas? Does your doctor test for this? I know what vaginal yeast infections are (had plenty in past 6 months), but I also have stinging mouth, mouth sores, burning tongue all brought on by sugar. My doc says I do not have yeast infection with no basis. No blood work, nothing. I have asked for test and he denied. I also have coated tongue (white or any other color, depending on what I consumed).

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    Hi there Lou.

    I've been prescribed Nystatin several times. It works quite well, but it tastes foul. Still, it sits happily in the fridge until I'm so desperate I have to take it. I've also taken Diflucan in the past and was prescribed it to take for a week before my next Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization injection.

    Get your dr to refer you to the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, cos they've got quite good at treating people with CFS there, and they consider the whole body, not just the obvious symptoms. With homeopathic medicine you take a remedy that is appropriate for you at the time. The RLHH takes patients both on the NHS and privately; if your dr won't refer you, they are happy to see you if you write in explaining what the problem is.

    There is a particular homeopathic remedy for candida, called Candida. Yes, it is very closely related ! But it may not work for everyone, and it may work sometimes and not others.

    Quite interesting this one. Candida is a beast of a yeast. If one's tongue is coated, that's a very good indicator of it existing. You may not feel that you have it, because you may not show any symptoms, but it may be the thing that's depressing your immune system or limiting your general health, so it's worth while considering trying one or more of the remedies anyway.

    To the list of naturals, add Aloe Vera juice. It really helps me with any mouth problems, but I can't stomach taking it regularly.

    Good luck all

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    Acidophilus is very cheap and very effective to counteract yeast. Walmart is a good place to purchase or your local pharmacy or health food stores.