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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by graphicdiva, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. graphicdiva

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    I am having a lot of trouble just sitting at work taking customer service phone calls (using a headset and computer) and have missed a lot of work due to frequent flare-ups! I am desprately holding onto my job of almost five years for two reasons: money & medical insurance!

    When I do work, I nod off or get lathargic because the pain is so overwhelming, even with meds. I lose mobility. It just sucks!

    I have two young kids that depend on me for everything! So, living without an income to pay the bills and provide for their needs is not an option. With FMS, not having medical insurance is not an option either as I will be trapped in this disease!

    I have applied for disability (actually before this diagnosis) and have been denied. However, I am getting ready to submit my appeal. However, I am wondering if there is ANY chance for me to get approved while I am still trying to work to keep the important things until it goes throug??? I am afraid that it will automatically get me denied.

    Has anyone ever heard of a person with my circumstance getting approved?

    I can submit reports showing how much work I have missed and how much time I am off the phone (far more than is allowed!) I can also, if needed, get my supervisor and co-workers to submit letters in regards to my symptoms and issues when I attempt to do my job.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or information!


    Jenni Harrison :O)
  2. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    And saw you didn't get a response..hopefully now you will get more. Sometimes this board moves fast!

    I don't think that you currently working if it is your only income source will stop the process from happening...Good luck!
  3. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    Please refer to the SS sticky at the top of the page.

    I am not very experienced with SS although I did get mine.

    The key to disability is that you have been unable to work for 6 months and that the level of activity is not expected to increase to a reasonable level for 6 more months.

    I am not sure how you can prove that while you are still working.

    Please join the yahoo group disinissues to get some advice. They are very knowledgeable.

    Good luck, I have been there for you.
  4. wanderingbluedragon

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    I was in the exact same position as you about two months back. I applied while I was still working. I was denied because you cannot make over $900/month income and be able to get ssdi.

    I left my job and have been impatiently waiting to hear from the social security people. I had some supplemental retirement that is helping and you may be able to apply for disability retirement through your job if available.

    I am luck in that my husband works and makes a pretty good income. It has been somewhat of a wash with me not having to pay child care now.

    I finally had to make the decision that my family came first and I was giving all of my energy to my job with nothing left for them.

    It's a very personal decision and a very hard one. I still struggle with whether or not I did the right thing.

    You may also be able to get state disability insurance if you pay in to it. It depends on the state and the employer. You also have to have your doctor be willing to fill out papers stating you can't work.

    Hope this helps.

  5. I think they would take it into consideration , if you can show how much work you miss and that you need to insurance for your own health.Ruthie
  6. graphicdiva

    graphicdiva New Member

    I have short term disability and have utilized it twice so far in the last year. It only covers 13 weeks per claim, starting on the 8th day and paying 60% of my income. Unfortunately, my work changed to employees paying for their own (from having it be a company sponsored benefit) the open enrollment before this became a known issue. I opted into short term and didn't think I needed longterm. I really regret that now! We just did another open enrollment and since I am already diagnosed with Fibromyalgia it would not be covered. So, there is really nothing I can do, but figure out my options and make the crappy cchoices!!!

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