A question about muscle relaxers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mommyinpain, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. mommyinpain

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    I have read a lot of posts on how muscle relaxers help a lot of people with FM but my Rheumatologist has put me on two different ones and neither one has done anything.

    He said they would help me sleep, relax the muscles in my back, neck, and shoulders and anywhere else I have pain but I couldn't tell that they did anything and they didn't help me sleep at all.

    I don't understand it. He said they were both strong medicines and should have helped me.

    I just wonder if maybe I was taking them wrong or I expected too much relief too soon. Any replies are appreciated.

    Thanks, MIP
  2. forfink

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    Valium type work for me, but others like Flexaril, I don't notice anything. List your meds and maybe we can help.
  3. PepperGirl52

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    We really do need to know what it is you're taking in order to advise you at all. Not that we can be right on, but it would help a lot!

    My best defense against muscle spasms has always been Valium, also. And I've taken Flexaril (knocked me out, but in a weird way), Zannaflex-did little to nothing-and a few others that just made me feel really crazy.

    Let us know what you're taking, and maybe someone here can help you out more. Good luck! PG
  4. mommyinpain

    mommyinpain New Member

    I meant to list them. I even got them all out and wrote down what I took and then forgot to list them. Sorry.

    Dr. prescribed: Flexeril 10mg, once a day at bedtime. When that didn't do anything, he told me to take two at a time and when that didn't do anything, he told me I was really tense and stressed out and he prescribed Robaxin 500mg, 2x a day.

    When the Robaxin didn't help, he just said that I was really stressed so I went back to taking my valium, which does help some but gives me a residual headache the next day. My PCP prescribed the Valium. The Rheumy told me to quit taking it but I can't unless he can give me something that will help instead, which is not likely at the moment.

    For pain, Rheumy gave me Ultram 50mg, 3x a day, which did nothing except make my stomach hurt and give me a headache so he gave me Relafen 500mg, 2x a day which did nothing so he told me to try them together, which did nothing.

    The last time I went to the Rheumy he gave me pain patches but they don't help at all. They just numb the skin but do nothing for the muscle and joint pain. He also put me on extra Calcium with D and told me to also take an extra OTC D vitamin but I don't really know what kind of D vitamins to buy by themselves. He also put me on a Medrol pack but I couldn't tell it did anything but make me want to eat.

    The Rheumy did go on to say that at some point I must have been on some really strong pain medicine if the ones he prescribed didn't help me. Well, he's right. One time a Dr prescribed Lortab for me and it was the best pain medicine I ever took and I didn't have to take a lot of it for it to work but my Rheumy won't prescribe that because he thinks it isn't the right kind of medicine for my problem.
    He says I have bursitis in my hip, Costo in my ribs, and he doesn't seem to know why my shoulder and back hurt so much. He just keeps saying that I am under too much stress. Well, Duh!! I'm in PAIN. He'd be under stress too if he felt like I do.

    I have tried just about everything for the back, hip, and shoulder pain. He even sent me to PT and massage therapy for 2 months. The PT didn't help at all but the massages felt great except that I was always so sore for days afterward.

    I will say that this Rheumy does keep trying different things to help me but he looks at me like he just can't understand why I am in pain. I believe he thinks it is all stress.

    Sorry to go on and on. Just needed to vent.

    Thanks for listening. MIP
  5. sfd647

    sfd647 New Member


    I for one am grateful to my muscle relaxor but you are right, not all of them work as well as others. First of all, valium is NOT a muscle relaxor technically speaking. It is a tranquilizer. It relaxes people but not in the way that would be beneficial to muscles per se. I have tried Flexeril but it really doesn't work for me. Problem is that when you get the degree of pain as we do in FM or other Chronic pain issues, and in my case peripheral neuropathy along with FM, I have to take muscle relaxor WITH the pain medication. I use an ole time relief muscle relaxor called Parafon Forte. It's generic name is chlorzoxazone and I take it in the 500 mg tablets. Some hospitals/pharmacies may look at you as to "whatis that?" haha, but it really is out there. When I have had to go to the hospital for my chronic episodes of cellulites (deep skin tissue infections), they usually have to send out for it OR they just give me their ole stand by Flexeril. (smile) However, like I said, it doesn't do for me what mine does. I take the muscles relaxor mainly for my lower spine area. They say that I have a degenerating spine down at the end of my spine towards the tail bone. yes, ouch! So the muscle relaxor is for that pain specifically. I don't get the euphoric feeling I used to feel that made you think that it "kicked in" but I do notice the difference if I were NOT to take it. That is the most important thing. Not so much as the "all over good feeling" at first as to compare with how do you feel if you don't take it. It doesn't happen right away. If I were to stop for a few days, THEN I know I am in trouble.

    I am not telling you that this is difinitely going to do the job for you because everyone is different. All I can do is tell you what has worked for me and what didn't so that you can see that all muscle relaxants are geared for different kinds of people. I know that all drugs can become habit forming but I think that I would rather stay away from the tranquilizers before I would the muscle relaxors. Besides, with many other medications, they warn you about using things like valium when using the medications that are being suggested for you to use. MANY of mine say that.

    One more thing and I will close. Please excuse this lengthy reply to your situation. I am going to my doctor this week when I am suppose to see him again and see if I can go on one of the dopamine agonists like Requip or Mirapex ( I believe that it the other one). Look it up under that catagory or look down the Message Board suggested post topics. Those medications are proving to be very beneficial to people having these chronic pain situations. Due to the fact that the dopamine levels in our brains can be diminished and need to be built up to their rightful levels, means that it cannot help the neurotransmitters that are transmitting pain instead of relief or however it goes. (smile) I only read the articles and that they are proving to be a good thing. I would rather get on something like that which can help reduce or diminish the pain than to be on pain killers which are not really doing the trick. I personally would be grateful to NOT have to take any medications as I am really tired of them all. My lightheadedness/imbalance is either because of the neuropathy as the imbalance is a secondary condition that goes along with it, OR it can be due to the pain meds or maybe both. I don't know. I just want the relief and the way off most of my meds. I am sure that when scanned, they can't be all good for our precious liver inside. So, MIP, take this an run with it, ignore it or whatever you would like to do. I wish the best for you in any case.

    Remember: Muscle Relaxant - Parafon Forte / chlorzoxazone
    suggested dosage - 500 mg. 1 qid

  6. mommyinpain

    mommyinpain New Member

    I go back to my Rheumy in November. I will talk to him them about the medication you mentioned and I appreciate your input.

    As to the Valium, yes, I know it can be addictive and I don't take it often, only if I really need to get a decent nights sleep or am under extreme stress.

    I understood why the Rheumy didn't want me to take it with the muscle relaxers and I didn't take it while I was taking them.

    Thanks, MIP
  7. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    MIP like you I went through a lot of different types of muscle relaxors and none of them worked in fact one of them that I took if I took the full dosage I would end up throwing up and all kinds of good stuff. Needless to say muscle relaxors are not in my meds anymore. The one that I did try and worked for awhile was rx'ed for me from the emergency room and that was Soma. But once again it only worked for a little while. You might mention it to your Rhuemy the next time. For me it had little side effects.

    The problem with pain control is that everyone is different and the doctor has to just keep trying till he falls appon the right one for you. For me it has been an on going thing since my body tends to get use to everything very quickly. Hopefully your not as bad as me there. Good luck with getting the right combo of drugs that will help......SueF
  8. mommyinpain

    mommyinpain New Member

    Thanks, Sfrazier. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I kept thinking this medicine should work. What is wrong with me that they aren't helping? I guess our bodies react to medicine differently. Apparently my body doesn't want to give up the pain. Anyway, I'll keep trying till I find the right medicine for me.

    Thanks everyone, MIP
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  9. forfink

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  10. BlueSky555

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    What about skelaxin? Does anyone ever take that one?

    Just curious; I have a drawer full of that; mostly samples and the reason I have so many is everytime I went to Dr., he would give me a lot of samples, which we al know has only about 4 tablets in each packet.

    I'm afraid of them so I just kept them.

    But, I haven't seen where anyone has mentioned this one.

    As for your question, I didn't think a muscle relaxer was a med that had to get into your system to work; I thought it would work just a while after you took it; not sure.

    Take care,

  11. mommyinpain

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    No, I've never heard of that medicine but I'm sure someone on here has so maybe if you post a question with that as the title it would get some answers.

    Thanks for answering my post everyone and I also thought that muscle relaxers worked when you took them and didn't have to wait a week or two for them to get into your system.

    When it comes to taking diff. meds I get scared because I'm afraid I'll take too much or take something that interacts with something else and I'll have a reaction to it so I might just not be taking the muscle relaxers enough and I'm always afraid to take the pain meds with them because I'm afraid they will knock me out and I do have two kids to take care of.

    Anyone have any advice on how to space your meds so they don't all hit at the same time? That is if they work at all.

    Thanks, MIP
  12. mommyinpain

    mommyinpain New Member

  13. millennia

    millennia New Member

    Muscle relaxers do nothing for me. Sleeping pills - Nothing. Now pain killers, vicodin - nothing, percocet - nothing. It's a miracle I'm not pregnant, because how can my birth control pill work when no other medicine works on me!!! It is very frustrating. Wish I could help, but all I can do is sympathize.
  14. sfd647

    sfd647 New Member


    It's me again, Sylvia. I have read the many responses and am glad that Nancy also uses the muscle relaxant Parafon Forte and commented on is success. Let me ad further regarding the use of Valium as I am a user of it as well or should I say WAS a user of it. I, too, would use it to relax when I needed it even when I would be on my muscle relaxant. Not at the same time but for the same reason as you described. Unfortunately, since I have been on different medications now, I have come to find out in the description of usage with other medications, valium and/or the generic form of it is really not recommended at all. Since I have been on top of things by reading the usage on all my medications given to me now, I am very plugged in to things that I should not be using WHILE I am ON those particular meds.

    When I need sleep, I had taken Soma but my one doctor gave me Dalmane to use. I was surprised at how well it worked for me. I am a light sleeper so many times it makes it hard on me taking a sleeping pill because I want to be able to sleep all the way through. Well, this one really works. Just passing that on to you.

    As far as pain, I am very surprised at the pain medication that I have now been put on for about a year and six months now. It is Methadone. When I would go into the hospital for the cellulites ( deep skin infection - very serious )that would have open ulcers on it, it would burn so bad that even morphine would not help. They would have to give me Dilaudid which is like Demerol but safer but very potent. They have to insert it into the IV very slowly or it will take your breath away. Trust me, I had them make that mistake. It was wowwww... and then whewww!! BUT it did the trick. Unfortunately, I would need to have it regularly because my wound would burn so bad I couldn't have anything touch it at all. I would just lay there and cry because of the burning pain. Also with the neuropathy, my skin would have a burning feeling and I was given a special cream that would sort of desensitize it. Well now that I have this new medication for pain, I am truely amazed. Taking the Methodone, I was in the hospital for the cellulites last March and I didn't have to have any Dilaudid for the first time in 8 years. I don't even need to use the cream at home for my legs much at all. I don't get blitzed on it like sometimes you get that feeling on Vicoden or other pain killers. If I don't take the medication, I can feel the pain on an increase. I am given 40 mg, three times a day but am able to survive with only taking it twice a day. I take one with a muscle relaxor and that is it. IF I am having unusual pain, I will add an extra parafon forte with the Methadone and that will help even more.

    I am always wanting to try something that will help me with the same result but able to knock out having to use other meds because I hate having to take so many medications a day. I keep thinking of the toxic effect on the liver. It is awful when you try to not take as much as the doctor recommends because you don't want to take as much but then you end up hurting more and then it makes you tense up more needing other kinds of meds to bring you down from that. So it is best to stay with what a doctor may prescribe so you don't add more problems that need more meds. But DO READ the explanation of your medications and their usage with other meds as well as your conditions. I have to see for myself now. Many doctors will say to you, "well it shouldn't do that," and then you have to say, I know but it DOES do that." so be informed for yourself. One girlfriend of mine almost died from a RX that was given to her from the doctor that wasn't aware of her other medications and that the one he gave would do harm to her. I know the doctors should know these things but I have found that talking to the pharmacist is more better. He is trained in drug related situations. Anyway, I wasn't going to write so much but wanted to let you know what was working. Maybe I wrote you the same thing that I said before, I don't know and if I did, I am very sorry for doing it again.

    I love the people on here because we all do work together to help one another. Like one said, what works for one may not work for another. So it is good when you come across another that may agree with what another one is taking so that you can feel more comfortable in taking that particular Rx such as in the case with Parafon Forte that Nancy had used and her brother as well as myself. Blessings to you, dear. Hope this helps in some ways for you and perhaps for others as well.

  15. forfink

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  16. sueliza

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    I have taken Skelaxin before. I was able to take it during the day and it didn't make me sleepy at all. Flexeril will knock me out!

    I didn't really notice much help from it, but everyone is different.

    Make sure you look it up or talk to your dr before you take it. If I remember it reacted with a lot of medications.

    If everything checks out it is worth a try!

  17. NyroFan

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    I know what you mean about muscle relaxants. Years ago I was given 'Equagesic'. It was wonderful, but I do not know whether they still make it.

    Now i am on Flexeril twice a day. It helps, but not as much as the Equagesic did.

    Yes,me too; neck, shoulders, back--awful.

  18. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I know what you mean about muscle relaxants. Years ago I was given 'Equagesic'. It was wonderful, but I do not know whether they still make it.

    Now i am on Flexeril twice a day. It helps, but not as much as the Equagesic did.

    Yes,me too; neck, shoulders, back--awful.

  19. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I know what you mean about muscle relaxants. Years ago I was given 'Equagesic'. It was wonderful, but I do not know whether they still make it.

    Now i am on Flexeril twice a day. It helps, but not as much as the Equagesic did.

    Yes,me too; neck, shoulders, back--awful.

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