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    hey ya'll i have a question... these papers that the alj sent to me to fill out.... ok they ask the same thing the papers that my lawyers papers did... there is a question from the alj that ask me "what have your doctors told you about your illness?? well if thats not a loaded question .. i don't know what to put in this spot... i took the papers to my lawyers office and aske what the hell do i do with these ... they said just fill them out and send them back in... okie dokie... ohh yeah ... they said .."don't worry... it's going to be ok...and with that i took my little stack of papers and left ... it also ask me if i want to call witnesses... isn't that what my lawyer is suppose to be doing??? i'm really confussed here.. the slightest little mistake could make the world of difference ya know... so if any of ya'll know anything ahout this stuff or just have a few suggestions... lay it on me...lol lol... i could use all the help and support i can get ... take care...elizabeth
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    Don't know anything about SS disability, so I am bumping for someone else to help you.
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    My husband filed for SS in April of 2002. At first he was denied. However, we appealed for a hearing. Since the 1st denial, he was officially diagnosed with Fybromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain. We continually received papers to fill out. Added anything new from the doctor or new medicines. His hearing was July 15, 2003. We went without an attorney this time to give it a try. We were fully prepared and got to look over his file before the hearing. We found that they did not have some information from the first doctor that treated him for his Work Comp injury. I had copies and supplied them. The hearing went better than we expected and the judge was super nice. We got the news about 2 weeks later: Fully Favorable. Now we have to wait up to 60 days to find out the details of the payments, etc. I can't believe that we got it without an attorney and in about 1year and 4 months.

    Good luck. Hope this helps.