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    I'm not a religious person, or I wasn't until 2yrs ago when something happened to make me think.
    Ihad been ill for some time & i had yet another appointment with yet another specialist, I had to go to a new hospital where i hadn't been before to see a gastroenterologist, I was too early for my appointment & I was told i could not go in the waiting room more than 15 minutes early, so I wandered around the hospital & i sat down in another waiting room to pass the time, on the table at the side of me was magazine, a religious magazine, there were no other magazines so I picked it up & read it, there was an article in the magazine about ME,a very understanding article,it made me feel better,I took the magazine so I could read it again later, as it had had such a strange effect on me,I went in to see the consultant, who was very nice & he said he 'was going to get to the bottom of this, he had not had one beat him yet'he has sent me for extensive tests, followed every whim I have suggested & yes we have made some very interesting findings, which I will share with you when we are completely sure.When I got home I read the magazine again & showed my husband,I said how strange that this magazine was by my seat & it was not even in my waiting room,& it was the only magazine there,& even more strange,the magazine was 10yrs out of date!!I had a chat to 'god' that night & ask for some advice & help & the very next day there was a knock at my door & 2 Jehovahs witnessess were there, I live in a remote area & no one's come calling before, they talked to me about their bible, they come to see me regularly now & have given me a lot of inspirations regarding this dd. Back to the question - do you think that god is trying to help me??
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    the Bible says, hey- i'm standing knocking at your door!
    actually it says, 'behold, i stand at the door and knock'.

    God made us, he's our Father, he wants you to know him. He wants to be in your life.

    Beware the Jehovah's Witnesses. Talk over your spiritual questions with someone who knows and loves you, and not just strangers at the door. Do you have a Bible? If not, try bible dot com. Read what God has to say if you have questions about God.

    Ask God to reveal himself to you. You can just talk to him like you talk to anyone else. God- if you're real and you're trying to help me, if you want to know me, if you're there- can you show me??

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    Hi there,
    I had just written you a long email and the computer shut-down and threw me off and I lost it. Yeesh!

    To make a long story longer...I mean shorter...LOL. I had a similar but different experience in that it was pretty evident that God was trying to reach out to me when I was a teenager. I had never had any interest in God at all even though I grew up Roman Catholic.

    One thing I noticed during the time that my heart was becoming open to spirituality was that there were people from a couple different religions who hounded me and would not leave me alone. One was called, The Way, which is a Christian cult...I had no idea and they seemed like Christians except that they were driving me crazy. The other was the Jehovah's Witnesses who would not leave me alone but kept visiting me at the restaurant that I worked at and sitting in my section...it got very obnoxious.

    I said all this to say that as God is drawing you into truth be careful. I have visited numerous types of Christian churches and they all have some good points and they all have some bad points. Visit various Christian churches and see where you feel comfortable. Some people feel comfortable in more traditional ecumenical churches like Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopal, etc. Other people find they like evangelical churches. Some people enjoy charismatic or pentecostal churches. I find good things in each church.

    If you do a search using the word "apologetics" then you will come up with some good sites to read. They will give you an idea of what orthodox Christian beliefs are. One of them talks about cults and stuff like that too. Jesus said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free". Some people will pull you into lots of rules and legalistic behavior...watch out for that and read the bible yourself.

    There are a couple sites that I go to read the bible and pray. One is called Crosswalk and the other is called Sacredspace but you have to do a search under Jesuit. Some ideas for you to start.

    Take care and have a great day! Good luck in your journey toward Christ. Any questions, just keep asking:)

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  4. Noz

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    I will keep searching, I will try the websites you suggested & try to find where I belong, I have a bible but i dont really understand it.
  5. Scoobsmom

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    maybe knocking at your heart...what a wonderful sound! I will pray for you...I think the Lord would want you to open up His Word, the Bible and start in the gospel of St. John. You do need to be cautious...guard your heart, and we as friends in Christ will lift you up and ask for someone who knows the Lord as their Saviour to reach out to you. There are many false teachings out in the world that want to confuse the issues, but Salvation thru Jesus Christ is simple and once you have Him in your heart He will guide you. I hope this helps and does not confuse the issue for you friend...
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    The bible was hard for me to understand in the beginning too. If you read a more modern version like the New International Version (NIV) then you will find it easier to understand. I don't have any biases toward which version to choose but I don't really like The Living Bible too much.

    I got a NIV study bible when I was a new Christian and it helped me understand the bible because it has some notes on the bottom. I started reading the new testament gospels: "Matthew" "Mark" "Luke" and "John" & "The Book of Acts" because they tell the story of Jesus life on earth and all the great things he did and said.

    If you read the old testament then maybe start with the Psalms and Proverbs because the psalms include many of David's prayers and songs. They are very open and honest. The proverbs are full of short sayings which give wisdom and knowledge to live your life by.

    I'm able to read the new King James version now and I understand it just fine. In the beginning though it can be difficult.

    Also, pray and ask God to lead you into truth. To help you discern what is right and what is wrong. God will lead you in peace so if you are feeling uncomfortable with someone being pushy or you don't feel comfortable or peaceful about what someone tells you then listen to that. God will never treat you that way.

    Hope this helps some!!!
  7. shelbo

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    I would heed what others have said and have nothing to do with the Jehovah's Witnesses. They may be well-meaning but as another advised you they do not know the Truth!
    I don't want to get heavy but I believe that some one other than God sent those people to your door! - maybe because you are at the start of what will become a wonderful relationship with God?
    As others have advised: Read your Bible (the revised Standard Version is a good place to start). I would begin with any of the Gospels but John (though this is a wonderful book and my favourite Gospel - it is filled with amazing teachings - but I think would be a bit hard for youto follow at this stage)...Matthew, Mark or Luke are the others. After this, you could graduate to Paul's letters (Corinthians and Romans which tell you all about Jesus' sacrifice and what it means for us, how we need to respond etc). You could maybe then re-read with a Bible studdy to hand . Just as much as you feel able to each day. For prayer, set aside some time each day to speak with God. Ask him to forgive your sins, guide you, encourage you, strengthen you, reveal himself to you and show you his plans for your life. Ask him to be with you every step of every day reassuring you of his love and presence. When you feel you can't do this just try to sit still and ask God to comfort you. If you are not confident with praying, read the Psalms and dedicate them to God as you say them. Psalms 142, 143 and 23 are good when you feel desperate. Praise is important:read Psalm 150. When you feel God is far way remind yourself that he is not by reading Psalm 139 (this one is beautiful). Remember God made you, he knows the depths of your soul, your very heart's desire, your anxieties and fears, he loves you so completely!
    When you feel ready visit some churches like one person earlier suggested. Read some books. It doesn't alway have to be the Bible but do be sure to read yuor Bible. There is an author called Andrew Murray who wrote a book called 'Daily Experience with God' which would be a good starting point for you. Get hold of some music which is another way of learning about God and praising Him at the same time. As you listen invite the Holy Spirit into your life. Look out for music by Nicole C. Mullen, Keith Green, Don Moen etc and if you want to talk more use this board anytime to discuss issues, share thoughts about God, ask questions etc
    I have FMS and God is there to give us strength. My life has changed so much and I am only 29 but God never changes and He is always there with us, supporting us, guiding us and giving us the strength we need to carry on. He is your Father and His love is unconditional, His grace and His mercy know no bounds and He is there waiting for you to reach out to him and begin your journey with him: take his hand, invite Him into your heart and let him lead you to eternal Love and Life. Also, remember that you found that article and it wasn't by accident. Do you still have it?

    Lord, I ask you to be with Noz as she steps forward in faith. Lead her to you and show her your ways. Protect her and guide her as she reaches out to you in prayer. Give her understanding and plant in he heart the desire to know you. Be her constant strength and comforter and uphold her as she struggles with her daily pain. Lord, bless Noz!
    I make this prayer in Jesus' name. God bless Noz.
    Ps. If you want to write to me my address is michellebspencer@hotmail.com
    See you on the CFS/ Fibro board aswell!
  8. shelbo

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    Also reading Job may answer some of your questions about suffering.
    God bless,

    Psalm 16:11 "In Thy presence is fulness of joy".
  9. Noz

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    i have read the psalms & proverbs Monkeycat, they are lovely & I can understand them, I will not make any commitment to any particular faith until I am 100% sure of where I belong, I need to find friends in other churches I think I know where to start, in the mean time I will ask God where I should go, i have a special place where I go to talk to him, I call it Gods mountain, it is quite a long walk from here but it is so beautiful & peaceful.
    Thinking of you all.
  10. Die2Fly

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    i used to be a lutheran because i was raised that way
    i want to think there could be a god but stuff just doesn't add up
    not that a god would have to be logical but why would he/she go to all this trouble to create something in his/her image,
    let it sin,
    punish all it's descendants for sinning,
    never show us what heaven is,
    never reveal itself to us in a way that we could understand,
    allow all the suffering that goes on in the world,
    and this means we are being watched over???
    in what way? like a child watches over his pets?
    forgetting to feed them - sure, i provide for my dog, i buy her dogfood, if she can't take it out of the closet and get it out of the bag, have i provided for her???

    what is prayer?
    thinking the right thoughts?
    what if i get them wrong?
    it's impossible to be perfect right?
    do i have to hold my tongue just right to be effective?
    prayer is simply positive thinking which is simply fooling yourself

    don't have time to conclude this
    will continue this later ...