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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by faigele, Jun 21, 2003.

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    I have no medical knowledge about fibromyalgia and I apologize if my question sounds stupid or insensitive. I work in the legal field and am doing some work re: a worker's comp claim that also involves fibromyalgia. Has anyone here been given an explanation as to why they doevelped this condition? Has it ever been attributed to a toxic environment or mold? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you. Fern
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    Personally my FM was'nt triggered by mold or environment,but many are!! Mold is a poison to everyone!!so it can be a major trigger of Fibro.As the same for the other...environmental toxins~ Hopefully others will share some info too~The board is slower on the weekends so be patient~ You can search the word Mold here in the searchbox and come up with alot of previous posts that have discussed this topic~ (just an idea if you don't want to wait for others replys) Take care......
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    If you want tons of info on why/how an environmental trigger can result in Fibro/chronic fatigue, look at the websites of Dr. Gerald Poesnecker and Dr. Bruce Rind. At Dr. Poesnecker's site especially, you will find help. Sorry, we are not allowed to post URL's here.
    Any stressor can be the last straw that takes someone over the top and causes this. In my case it was a car accident followed by flu, but there are many triggers.
    Bless you for helping someone with this awful affliction.