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    I started Xyrem last thursday. The doctor started me on 6ml. The first night that I took it, I feel asleep immediately but woke after 2-3 hours. I did not take a second dose.

    The xyrem has been putting me asleep but I only sleep around 3 hours then I have to take another dose for another 3 hours of sleep.

    Well,last night I took the 6 ml but I DID NOT go to sleep. I waited 2 1/2 hours and took a second dose, I still did not go to sleep. I Have not been to sleep since tues. I feel like a zombie one of the walking dead right now. I had a HORRIBLE night it was like I took an overdose I began crying and could not stop, i felt so weird It was like I was out of my body, I felt so relaxed in one way but so awake in another. I had such high hopes for the drug because my insomnia is beyond horrible.

    Could you please tell me about your experience what dosage you started with, if you had to increase the dosage to get to sleep, if it made you feel like I felt last night. Right now I feel as if I am in a fog, where I didn't get to sleep the Xyrem off.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer me.

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