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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by moonieray, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. moonieray

    moonieray New Member

    I have FM and have so many symptoms, but something that I have noticed recently is that my breasts are sore at times. I was wondering if any of you experience this? After my bath drying off I noticed how they hurt, just applying enough pressure to wipe myself dry. This is something new for me. Also, when I put on deodorant it hurts to apply it. The morning ritual tires me out and is becoming more painful. Can some of you relate to the breast pain and underarm pain also? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  2. RENA0808

    RENA0808 Member

    I also suffer from breast pain.
    I cannot bear wearing a bra because of it.And if my grand-daughter accidently knocks into me.............YIKES!!
    Dont know what we can do to ease it .....we just need to be extra careful!!

  3. moonieray

    moonieray New Member

    thank you for posting. My daughter's name is Rena.
  4. jaba520

    jaba520 New Member

    This happens to me, only once in a while though, I was thinking it was because my period was about to start, but my hormones are way out whack too and that didnt happen. And i hate wearing a bra, it is the last thing I put on and the first thing that comes off. Good luck in your quest to find answers.

  5. kblackie55

    kblackie55 New Member

    as i sit here reading your post i'm having pain in my breast and underarm, i'm not sure why my breast hurts but i know that when my underarm hurts it's my lymph nodes. unfortunately i don't know how to stop the pain other than pain meds. i hope that you feel better soon.

  6. moonieray

    moonieray New Member

    Thank you all for responding. I haven't had periods for about six years now, so I know it isn't a PMS thing. I am being treated for vitamin D deficency though. The last blood work I had showed it was less than half of what is normal. I know what you mean about the bras.....

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