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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wolflake46, Apr 14, 2003.

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    My rhemetologist put me on ultracet for pain and said to take 1 to 2 tablets daily up to three times a day for my pain. This is all he perscribed for my FM pain. I find myself taking 6 tablet 3 times a day because the pain is unbearable. He said I don't need anything else. What can I do? I am not going back to see him again as he said some things to me that I didn't appreciate I left with the feeling that he sounding like it was all in my head. I am in search of a new doctor, I haven't seen one since November, but I can't find one in my area where I live. I even looked under the doctor referral. The pain is getting unbearable. I have one more refill left.

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    I don't believe most rheumies understand our pain. I always suggest people seek treatment from a pain specialist who is knowledgeable in our illnesses. You can talk to the office before making an appointment to find out what types of treatment they use in treating FMS/CFS.

    Love, Mikie
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    Sorry this disease is getting the best of you~ I am on the same,Ultracet for FM pain.Ya see I was getting for years now Darvecet for my pain.But that does'nt work well so I complained of needing something maybe a little stronger,and ultrcet is what I got. I agree with you on this one.I am not getting anymore relief with this~ I can easily take 2 and feel the need for another!!!its not helping....not for this mega pain!!Every damn muscle in my body is screaming!!From my toes to my head~ On the pain scale of 1-10,mine is for sure at 9 today! I also get, for evenings....Flexeril(muscle relaxer)and elavil(for stage whatever sleep)So at night I take 2 ultracet,a flexeril&a elavil~ Thats the most pain relief I get is my evening dose` Ya might need to ask for a muscle relaxer too.because the ultrcet alone just is'nt gonna treat this agonizing pain!!(I don't think any dr. really can understand the amount or depth of our pain!no way!)
    I hope you get something better soon~ I'm going to ask for a referrel to a pain specialist......I've heard they're better at treating Fibromyalgia~
    Good luck........
    Warm ((hugs)),
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    Thanks to those of you who replied, I feel so bad since I haven't been able to go to work this week as I am in so much pain all I do is cry. I called my neorologist and she is going to try and get me in to see a rhemutologist as soon as possible. So all I can do is wait. I hope I get some relief soon as my sons graduation from college is May 10th, I'd hate to miss that.