A question for Mikie on Mycoplasma and jellys post on omega

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    dear mikie: i know you have dealt with mycoplasmas, i was tested - when i lst went to dr. cheney in ll/98 my dx cfids but who knows by now as my cfs has worsened considerably never been retested money and other reasons,

    recently he's using a genovations test thru great smokies shows pre dispositions to certain things that can includes TH2-cytokine allergy astham infflamation (atopy) profile and chronic inflammation in body (ie body fibro type pain)

    one of his recommendas is eskimo 3 and borage oil omegas well may be moot ques. anyways just looked at info sheet
    esk. 3 is fish oil not flax and borage is not flax either it's gamma linolenic acid LGA

    but anyways for all of us is there any proof flax and sun. seeds etc. fee mycoplasma

    it is also my understanding mycoplasm can be hard to culture although i was tested through garths nicolson's lab

    but sometime ago, in this illness who knows what we have with the immuen system disregulated

    thanks a lot mikie Paul M
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    But, because of the Guai treatment, I cannot use products with Flax Seed Oil nor products with Borage Oil as they block the Guai because they are plant extracts.

    I just have such mixed feelings about testing for the mycoplasmas because it takes a PCR DNA test unless there is an active infection going on and there are lots of antibodies in the blood. BTW, the PCR DNA test has become the gold standard for looking for most kinds of chronic stealth pathogens, not just the mycoplasmas. The problem is that it is so dicey getting the blood test done in a timely manner and keeping the blood at the proper temperature.

    Paul, I am so sorry that despite all the expense of seeing an expert in CFIDS, you have not been able to access treatment which has resulted in inprovement. I pray you find something to help you.

    Love, Mikie