A question on Family Tree Maker(any genealogy buffs??)

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    Hi there awl. Thougfht I would try and pick the brains of any genealogy buffs on here about your experiences with the different FTM's.

    I had alot of information on my old Version 7. Not sure what year that was. To make a long story short. I lost a lot probably moist of my files on it, esp the newer things I had put on. There is no FTM on my new computer as yet - It is a Window7, Toshiba, laptop. We just bought it when our other one croaked.

    I did have some very old files on those old square hard diskettes which luckily I had a friend of mine with an older regular compugter, put them onto a regular round CD.or disk. I cannot see what is in these files till I buy a new , and newer FTM. I am getting confused as to where to buy the next one and what year would be best for me. Not sureif I need a 2010 or if the 2009 would be enough for me.

    I checked Sams the other day and they had none, at least not now. Maybe around Christmas time,. That is where I got my last FTM program. It is going to take awhile for me to put all my info back in, not looking forwards to that. Lots of TIME!

    Any information will be very much appreciated.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me make a decision..

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    Bumpity bump !