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    Hello, I was wondering if experiencing light headed is another symptom of FM...I get it off and on..The worst symptom is sore neck,back ,arms and legs..when i stand up after sitting my groin muscles all just ache and pull..its wicked, i carried shopping bags yesterday and now my arms are about to fall off,,all nite long they hurt, they hurt so bad some nites, this really stinks and can really get ya down...I also could sleep all the time, i sleep awful at nite and have been on at least 6 different meds. and they all don't help,either I'm knocked out for days,or feel sick....I'm very sensitive to medicines, anti-nauseua meds. make me nauseous!!!! lol..lol..also how many of you get tension type headaches? how common is this too? god bless and thanks for your responses...karbear