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    Here's my concern about taking some meds: If for some reason they do not agree with our bodies, it seems to me like it is possible that they are making us much worse while masking our symptoms.

    In the research that I had to do about ADs when became violently ill after I stopped taking Effexor, I learned a little about how they work. Now I am beginning to understand even more about the relationship of substances and the genetic ability of our bodies to handle them in the way they are meant to be handled.

    If our body doesn't really want the drug inside us, it is possible that it will backfire and produce more of something bad or not enough of something vital to our systems, causing a tidal wave of symtoms that we may not notice until we stop taking it. Our doctors don't really know enough about this to even approach the subject, let alone protect us from this happening.

    Of course this isn't true with all the drugs, but sometimes it's hard to tell which ones our bodies can tolerate well and which ones it can't, and I am personally not sure how we find this out before damaging our systems by taking something to help us relieve symptoms of pain or anything else, for that matter.

    I would sooner take narcotics than AD's. At least I know exactly what they are doing.
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    Thanks, dncnfngrs. I know we all need to work these treatments out for ourselves and that what is right for me may be wrong for the next person and vice versa. I think if we listen to what our bodies tell us, we will be guided in the right directions.

    I don't know about you, but I find that I heal very, very easily when I do the right things. I just need be pointed in the right direction and do my best to keep the toxins out of my all-too-sensitive system.

    Hope you're having a terrific day!!
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    I'm in the middle of cutting back on the Norco that I've been taking for years as well. I was doing beautifully until I had massive dental work for a TMJ problem, and then I had to start all over again. My ability to stop taking drugs easily decreased dramatically when I stopped taking Effexor cold turkey only because at the time neither I nor my internist didn't know that I couldn't do that. It took me a year to recover.

    Now I go slowly. I agree, though. I'm back down to very few again, but it is still such a pain to schedule time to have to pick up the blue script and have it filled. I'm so grateful that I managed to back it down...but I do want off completely. Like you, I feel better when take very few. Ibuprofen does help me with the pain.

    Though I have to admit that I don't think I could have survived the Effexor withdrawal ordeal without them, and when I am in truly great pain, like in the last couple of days, one every six hours...well, it has cut the pain is all I can say. Hopefully within a couple of months, I can stop taking them completely as I have been gradually moving back down in very small increments.