A quick note to say mornin to all. I am feeling some better, I

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    ache and hurt but the fatigue seems to be a tiny bit better. It is rainy here, suppose to rain most of the weekend.

    I just wanted to say I appreciate you guys so much. I know I have probably been driving everyone up the walls with posting so much but I have had so many questions, so many fears, and on and on. I feel like I have a family with you guys; other people just like me who knows what it feels like to be in so much pain although to look at us we look perfectly fine.

    Hubby is taking me out for the day, mainly we are headed to Books A Million Bookstore looking for a couple of good informative books on this DD. I still mostly feel like what I call ground up ape $hit. Don't ask me where I ever came up with that description, I don't know. lol lol But when someone asks me what that means, I tell em, get a mental image of it and basically that is how I feel and it "ain't" pretty. :) At least my depression is considerably better today.

    I was able to get a little bit of housework done yesterday. Mainly straightening up things, sweept my office and the kitchen floors. My birds are in my office and they throw out more of their food on the floor than they eat. I vacuumed the living room, hallway and both bedrooms and swept the bathroom so I feel like I got a lot done. Hubby came home and looked around and said WOW, you must be feeling some better.

    I washed dishes, dishwasher was full of clean dishes that needed put away so I just ran some water in the sink and washed up the few that needed it. Two of my ferrets, they love to help with anything and everything I go to do, they kept trying to steal the dishes I had already wahsed and were in the dish drainer. No matter how bad I am feeling, I can always get a laugh out of them. Don't know if anyone here has ferrets but they are wonderful for your soul. These little animals they just delight in anything and everything they do. They are just so happy to be alive and they show it in everything they do. We have 5 and they are out of their cage from morning till night, only caged when we are gone and of course caged at night. They use the litter box just like the cats and are very clean. All 5 of ours came from pet shops and they had already been spayed/neutered and descented.

    I find myself looking around for things to help lift my mood and I am compiling a "fuzzy file" anything to help me feel better; anything that gives me feelings of warm fuzzies or as someone else called it a comfort box as I saw in a thread yesterday someone started.

    Hope everyone has a great day. Everyday we are able to get up and shower, get dressed, and do something, I consider that a victory over this DD. I refuse to let it destroy the happy life I finally have with the greatest guy in the whole world. I feel so blessed to have him and all of you guys on this board who knows and understands how I feel.

    God be with us and blessings to us all.

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    reading your post, It`s such a relief to have a bit of energy for a change.
    I too have been busier after a long period of feeling dormant and managed to get some housework done, my daughter is also feeling better, it`s great.
    We`ve been taking a load of supplements and have been on Olive Leaf Extract for 8 days now, today`s the best we have been in ages.

    Fancy having ferrets, I once saw someone taking one for a walk on a lead, looked so unusual....
    We used to have a budgie and yes, they love to toss their seed about. We would have the back door and window open but he never flew outside !!!
    We just have two black cats now, Kenko & Cocoa. One lives in and the other out... Strange things.

    Hope you continue to feel better,

    Love Pat.